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Sales, Sales, Sales

If you love clothes and fashion, then July in Spain is the perfect time to buy clothes at discount prices. You might find a bargain, you might save money and you will probably buy lots of things that you hate by the time you get home and ask your friends: Does my bum look big in this?

If you’re not keen on fashion, then July is the perfect month to go to the beach and drink cold beer or maybe a wine spritzer. So, you are wearing clothes from 5 seasons ago, don’t worry. Retro is back!!

What’s in your wardrobe?

Well, 5 pairs of jeans, a work suit, a tracksuit, a pair of high heels, a Leeds United t-shirt, an England Football Club t-shirt, a Spanish football club t-shirt?

Can you talk about clothes?  Do you need more vocabulary?  No problem:

For a downloadable document on Clothes and Fashion vocabulary as well as useful idioms and expressions click here: Clothes and Fashion

To test your knowledge through an interactive game:Interactive Clothes

Fashion from L.A.

It’s easier to improve your listening comprehension if you watch and listen to short targeted videos. So, watch this short video to find out what fashion means to celebrities, designers and the common Joe:L.A. Fashion Week

British Fashion

What do you know about British fashion?  No, it isn’t all about men wearing socks with sandals!  Improve you listening comprehension and your vocabulary by listening to this short recording:British Fashion

Fashion Trends

What’s hot and what’s not?

If you are a fashionista, then you will want to keep up to date with the trends. I’m a jeans and t-shirt gal, so as long as it’s made in denim and doesn’t need ironing it’s good enough for me. Unfortunately the fashion bloggers of the year would disagree with me. Improve your reading comprehension and check them out at:

Blogger:Isabelle O’Carroll

Blogger: Michele Obi

Blogger: Imran Ahmed

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