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There is a lot of information on the Internet that you can use to improve your English and get yourself linked-in. Here are some useful links to external web sites:


  1. Pronunciation tips from BBC Learning English
  2. Language in different situations
  3. Pronunciation with Cambridge English
  4. Practise English Vowel Sounds– Series of 10 videos on YouTube
  5. I would like to buy a hamburger– The Pink Panther would like to buy a hamburger.  YouTube
  6. So what’s the British Accent? Listen to over lots of different British Accents
  7. Vocabulary: Business English
  8. Vocabulary: Words in the News
  9. How To: Make a Suggestion, Complaint, Agree , Disagree……
  10. Vocabulary: It’s time to Party
  11. Vocabulary Game – Match Definitions to Words
  12. Questions related to different topics
  13. Wordreference
  14. Synonyms


  1. Elementary Podcasts from The British Council
  2. Bitesize recordings about every topic you can imagine
  3. Short recordings about interesting people and places
  4. What would your ideal trip be?
  5. A Royal Romance – Love is Truly All Around
  6. Listen to the ideas of successful business gurus
  7. Listen to The British Council’s podcasts for professionals
  8. Listen to the BBC World News in one minute
  9. The London Olympic Challenge
  10. TED Playlists: Brilliant speeches for Advanced Learners
  11. How to make a Christmas Cake the old-fashioned way
  12. Simple English Videos to help you use English better
  13. BBC podcasts and Downloads
  14. Situational recordings: At the Bank, In a Restaurant
  15. Advanced Culture Vultures – New York Met museum
  16. British Council Professional podcasts
  17. BBC Travel Show Pods
  18. Watch TV and Films online for free
  19. Watch British TV programmes
  20. ESF Library podcast
  21. TEDxESL


  1. Harry Potter breaks box office records
  2. Soap operas: Watching TV is a popular pastime
  3. International Travel on a Budget
  4. BBC Travel – The World’s Most Ethical Countries
  5. Ten Must See Events in March
  6. How to retire in paradise
  7. How do humans affect the environment


  1. “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kiplin.  It’s time to BLOG
  2. Simple tips for writing formal letters
  3. How to write a formal email.
  4. Improve your email etiquette
  5. How to write an effective CV
  6. Free CV templates to download
  7. Common British English Spelling Rules
  8. Exercises to practise formal writing expressions
  9. Sample formal and informal written responses for various task types: including writing to: making a claim, a complaint, a compliment,..


  1. Cambridge Teaching Resource for all levels.  If you are preparing for Cambridge exams this is one of the most important website
  2. Face up to Phrasal Verbs
  3. Grammar Challenge – yes I can!
  4. Describing Physical Appearances
  5. Online Grammar Exercises for all levels
  6. Inversions for Advanced Learners
  7. Grammar Quizzes
  8. Grammar Exercises
  9. Great Blog for 10 minute grammar brain shakes


The following Web links will help improve your general comprehension, as well as strengthen your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.


  1. English as a Second Language: Learn something new every day: sign up for daily emails on everything related to improving your English level:ESL Daily Emails
  2. Splendid Speaking: This resource is great for Intermediate –  Advanced learners. Sign up for weekly challenges.
  3. The Conversation: For advanced learners this website is brilliant to improve your vocabulary and review grammatical structure in context.



Add the following links to your browser’s favourites (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc ).  These sites have 1000s of resources to help all levels of ability. There are 100s of podcasts to listen to online and download; there are grammar games and vocabulary quizzes, and 100s of articles on practical topics like how to order a pint in a traditional British pub, as well as general articles on topics like education, sport, travel and money.

  1. Learn English: The British Council
  2. The BBC: Learning English
  3. Breaking News English


Add the following links to your browser’s favourites (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc ).  These sites are for anyone who wants to improve their business English, or for people who want to improve their language skills in the context of a specific profession, for example: legal English.

  1. Professional Business English: The British Council
  2. Cambridge Professional English Support


The following websites will help you prepare for official Cambridge exams and EOI exams.

  1. Cambridge English Assessment A2, B1, C1, C2: Review only the language disciplines you are interested in
  2. Cambridge Exams B1, B2, C1, C2: Subscribe for weekly updates and quick language testing exercises with Flo-Joe.
  3. Cambridge CAE: C1: CAE Online Resource Directory:CAE Online Resource Directory
  4. Cambridge Internet TV
  5. EOI Writing
  6. EOI Speaking


An intercambio is a system for practising your speaking and listening skills. If you have time, it’s a brilliant system to practise English, learn new things about different countries and cultures, and obviously to get to know more people. Listed below are some organisations that might be useful.

  1. Pachange Málaga
  2. Language Exchnage Málaga
  3. Conversation Exchange Málaga 
  4. Language Meetup
  5. Language for Exchange Málaga
  6. Intercambio Languages Málaga

In fact, when we first came to Spain we did loads of intercambios and advertised through: Mundioanuncio.  We met some wonderful people and learnt a lot about Spain and Andalusia. However, if you decide to arrange your own intercambio, please be careful, and use common sense, as there are some complete nutjobs out there: stay safe; meet in public during the day, and tell friends where you are going, and who you are meeting.

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