Week 1: My name is Cristina and after I passed my B1 English exam I decided to move to London to improve my English, get a job and chill out.  After 10 days, I rented a room in a house and made friends with my flatmates.

Week 3: London is really crazy so I decided to take a break and take a train to this city! It is a place not so far from London city but the life is calmer, you can go for a walk quietly and have a drink in some  bars, coffee shops and terraces. It was great to spend time in a different place and I hope to see more cities when I earn some money!
I hope to improve my English quickly as I’m now living in London and I hope I can find a job soon.

Week 4: I like my flatmates and last night we went out to celebrate a birthday. I would like to see my flatmates more but they work a lot; in London the people work too much!
Week 6: I am still  looking for a job; yesterday I gave my cv in Zara, the clothes shop, they are interested in employing Spanish people and there are a lot of Spanish working there. In addition, I am going to hand in my c.v. to some big hotels, I would like to try but I have to improve my English a lot so, perhaps I need an English, English boyfriend!!!!

Week 7: I had a job interview, it was a bit strange. We spoke about fashion and photography. We had to watch a video related to the company and later we had to introduce ourselves. Then we had to speak about a situation with a service dog for blind people.  I didn’t expect that!

Week 8: Janette, a few weeks ago I emailed  a large chain hotel and they have arranged an interview for me next week. I am a bit nervous as the interview will be in English but I am excited.

Janette, I am sooo happy!!! I got a job in a fantastic hotel in the west of London!! The name in NOVOTEL WEST LONDON, it is in Hammersmith and it has 630 rooms and 30 conference rooms I am sooo happy and I can’t believe it!!!  Thank you for all your help!

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