Inglés de Empleo

ingles por empleoInglés for Employment: English is a Must-do for Graduates and Jobseekers.

Companies and local employers recruit graduates and jobseekers with a high level of English so get your foot in the door and stand out from the crowd this summer by improving your English communication skills.  Whether you are:

  1. Preparing for an official English exam,
  2. Perfecting your job interview technique, or
  3. Improving your professional English skills for business contexts, we can help you.

Málaga City boasts about its cuisine, the climate, the lively nightlife and its cultural heritage, but at Inglés Málaga we also want Málaga City to gain an international reputation for having the most employable jobseekers who are professional, creative and ambitious.


  1. Inglés Málaga ofrece otros cursos y cursos complementarios, también hay clases y eventos adicionales que pueden ayudar a lograr  tus objetivos. Para más información, consulta:Inglés Málaga Cursos.

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