Refugees welcome? How UK and Sweden compare on education for young migrants

Mahatma Gandhi said: “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”  So,  how does the UK fare against this barometer?  In a nutshell, the simple answer is: disgracefully. 

Read about how, The UK, the world´s fifth richest economy welcomes, or does not welcome refugees. The findings of this piece of research makes my soul hurt.

Is the United Kingdom in or out?

UK EuropeI have written a lot about what it means to be British ( British culture 1) (British Culture 2 ) and at the moment this very idea is at the forefront of people’s minds while they contemplate the pros and cons of the UK being a member of the European Union.

So, is the UK in, or is the UK out?

Well, evidently, opinion is divided and even politicians from the same political parties have contradictory opinions.   From my point of view, the jury is out and I’m looking forward to hearing some convincing arguments over the next few months to help me make up my mind. With this in mind, the four key factors of this debate appear to be:

  1. Trade and economics
  2. Immigration and emigration
  3. Self –governance and autonomy
  4. National security and surveillance

So, what’s your feeling?  Should the UK be in, or should it be out?