Exam clinic 1-1: Get an exam check up during Easter!

Want to pass your official English language speaking exam but need exam practise?

The 60-minute online 1-1 exam clinic, delivered by a certified Trinity & Cambridge examiner and experienced EOI teacher, will give you the exam practice you need. Suitable for candidates who know the exam and already have the level. More info and book your clinic

The clinic is not suitable for candidates who need to be taught the level.


Inglés Málaga: Happy festive holidays

Janette would like to wish all her clients and the larger international Inglés Málaga community a very fun and jolly festive season. It has been a fun and rewarding 2018. We have improved our English language skills to achieve a lot of personal and professional objectives, including passing official exams, getting better-paid jobs, setting up businesses, participating in international conferences, and emigrating abroad.

In addition, the Inglés Málaga community has got engaged, got married and had children.  Our language skills have enabled us to help lost tourists, translate for patients in hospital, and break down geographic, religious, cultural and political barriers.

On a personal note, I have learnt a lot more than I have taught, and without a shadow of a doubt my life is infinitely richer as a result of my clients.  Thank you!

Watching films at the beach

It really goes without saying that you can be completely broke and still have a blast in Málaga.  So, if you are totally skint, and wondering what you can do on a hot summer´s evening that doesn´t cost a penny, then I would highly recommend that you check out the Outdoor Cinema festival that Málaga hosts every summer.  Pack an evening picnic with snacks and booze, take a throw to sit on, call your mates, and go and watch a flick at the beach in your bikini.