Survival Dilemma: The remote island

Imagine you are going to be stranded on a remote island for 6 months. The A team will not save you. No boat, plane, submarine, helicopter or flying car is going to rescue you. You can not swim to another island because the ferocious sharks will tear you apart. Nobody is going to be looking for you because your friends and family think you are on a secret service mission for the British Spy Agency. You can take 1 of these two survival kits. Which would you take?

Survival Dilemma: Living without something

The government is sick and tired of the general public complaining and whingeing about their day-to-day problems. So, they are going to punish us. They have ordered the confiscation of one of these things from your life and the police are about to knock on your door to take it away. What do you give up?