Ethical Festive Shopping

Christmas is all about overindulgence. And, I happily participate: I eat too much, I drink too much, I disco dance too much, I waste days talking with my brother about sentimental classic Christmas movies, and rather than shop, I watch hours and hours of festive TV commercials. This year, none of them have floated by boat, except a commercial made by Iceland which was banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for being too political .  Too political, are they mental?! Iceland should be applauded for raising awareness of the plight of orangutans, and we should, at every given moment, be educated and reminded of the consequences of our buying habits, and our behaviour.

This festive season, help people in need, spend time with your friends and family, and shop ethically.  Check out the commercial

Modal Mania: Janette requires some advice: You ought to.

Purchase SuggestionsIn my book, gift giving is a pleasure but thinking of an appropriate gift, locating it and then ensuring you are permitted to use plastic to pay for it can sometimes be a pain in the neck.

My mother is only interested in 3 things in life: Bach, hats, and church bells. Stereotypically speaking, women like to have a big wardrobe for all their clothes but my mother needs to have a whole room to store all her hats. In her free time she runs from one village church to another yanking bell ropes and our family home shakes as Bach’s B minor mass blares out most evenings irritating the deer and foxes.

With this in mind, I need your help. What ought I to buy her, the woolly bear hat, the church bell or the wig? Let me know, when you have a moment.

Modal Mania: Janette requires some advice: You should..

Purchase AdviceSo, I’m about to ‘self-combust’. I’ve been glued to the Internet looking for some inspiration to help me buy a gift for my brother’s partner. I don’t know him very well as I’ve only met him a handful of times, but I do know he’s keen on vintage stuff; he restrings tennis rackets for a hobby, (???? I know, what a nutjob!!) and he drinks bloody marys for breakfast at the weekend.

So, I need your advice. What should I buy him?

  1. If I were in your shoes, I would buy him +option:
  2. You should buy him +option:
  3. I’d suggest purchasing +option:
  4. It might be a good idea to +option:
  5. What you should buy is +option

Pain in the purse challenge: Buy a flat

cost an arm and a leg2015 was supposed to be the year I moved house.  Obviously, I failed!  So, for the last few months I’ve been looking at the property market with the intention of buying and so far I have made two observations. Firstly, How much? And secondly, how much I love living in the historical centre. So, this pain in the purse challenge is definitely going to take stamina, determination and hopefully the A Team are going to come to my rescue because at the moment I’m losing hope!

the hills are aliveIndeed, my bank manager has suggested that I move to Mongolia where house prices are as cheap as chips.  However, I’m never going ‘to get on’ in a country where the economy relies on herding and agriculture; I mean, that’s something to do with sheep and vegetables.  OMG, I admire farmers, but no,  the hills are NOT alive with the sound of music!

Role play: At the cinema box office

Role play at the cinemaWhat is the most likely response to this situational question?
”Good evening, how may I help you?”

  1. We’d like two tickets to see the new blockbuster chick flick please.
  2. My girlfriend has a bun in the oven and we were wondering, what’s a good name for a girl?
  3. What would you recommend for a hangover?

Please write your answer below.