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Hurrah to Australia: Say yes to same-sex marriage

The headlines:

  1. More than 12.7 million people voted in huge 79.5% turnout
  2. All states and territories recorded vote in favour of change

What? If you have no idea what I´m talking about, then  get up-to-date with some international current affairs here.


Relationship Problems: The Noisy Neighbours

party animalImagine you live next to a group of young fun-loving neighbours. You get on really well with them but their late night partying and obsession with rap music is disturbing your sleep and consequently your work performance. You are afraid of being fired. What would you do?

Relationship Problems: Dating

online datingImagine after 10 years of being happily single, you’ve decided that you would like to start dating. What would you do to find someone?

Relationship Problems: The Break Up

break upImagine you and your partner have not been getting on well for years and you’ve decided that your relationship is irreparable, i.e. it’s over! What would you do?


To catch someone´s eye

Making and dealing with complaints

complaining dvd
Customer Service

 Role One: You are a customer.

Last week you bought a DVD player on sale. When you tried to set it up at home, you discovered that it did not work. Today you take it back to the shop and explain the situation to the manager.

Invent the details of the situation and decide what course of action you will take (you would like to get a refund). Try to come to an agreement.

Role Two: You are the manager of an electrical equipment store.

A customer has come in to complain about a product that does not work. Your shop has a no-refund policy for things bought during the sales.

Listen to the customer, explain your shop’s sales policy and offer alternative solutions. Try to come to an agreement.

Love: What’s your type?

Love RunnerImagine you are looking for love; I know, what a mental idea!  Which of the following personalities would make your perfect romantic partner?

  1. A culture vulture
  2. An adrenaline junkie
  3. A beach bum
  4. A tree hugger
  5. A party animal
  6. A homebird
  7. A chatterbox
  8. A music lover

Love idioms

Truthfully, I don’t understand any of the following idioms.  So, if you would like to explain some of them to me, please feel free to drop me a comment. Finally, the only English words you need to know in this context are: What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine also.



Friends and mates


How well do you get on with people?

2 peas in a podTo help improve your use of common expressions try to connect three of the following expressions with three different people.

For example: My siblings and I get on like a house on fire.



We get on well with each other.

We have a friendly relationship.

We don’t get on.

We don’t have a friendly relationship.

He gets on my nerves.

I find him irritating.

We get on like a house on fire.

We have a lot in common and really enjoy each other’s company.

We are like chalk and cheese.

We are completely different.

We are like two peas in a pod.

We are really alike.

We have fallen out.

We have had an argument.

We have made up.

We had an argument but now we are friends again.

I take after my father.

I have his personality or features.