FRIENDSHIP: Interpersonal Relationships

interpersonal relationshipsInterpersonal relationships are developed at work and at school, at home and in social situations.

Employers always want people with exceptional interpersonal skills, for example the ability to communicate, to listen, and to get on well with diverse groups of people.

Families develop interpersonal relationships through a series of rules, habits and personal beliefs. 

And, in my social situations interpersonal relationships are developed by playing pool, having my ass kicked at 10-pin bowling, drinking beer and yelling obscene things while watching football. 

The English language has a load of phrasal verbs that are used to describe actions connected to interpersonal relationships. Do you know what the following phrasal verbs mean and in which context you would use them?

Phrasal Verbs


To ask after


To bring up


To fall for


To get on with


To grow up


To look down on


To look up to


To put down


To settle down


To stand up for


To take after