Love, romance and Mr Valentine!

Valentine’s day is around the corner so it’s time to work out if you have a heart of stone or if you are  a ‘sucker’ for love.  Answer the 4 questions below and I’ll let you know.

  1. You are ‘staying in’ with your partner for a quiet night. Your partner asks you to go to the video shop to rent a film. What type of film do you bring home?
  2. It’s Friday night and you are looking forward to going out.  However, your partner is exhausted. What do you do?
  3. You are checking in at the airport and your partner has forgotten his or her passport. There is not enough time to collect it before your flight departs for a holiday of a lifetime. What do you do?
  4. Your partner has just come home after having a makeover . Do you say: 1) You look like a pig darling, 2) You look gorgeous darling or 3) You say something else.

Post your answers and I’ll tell you if your heart is in good working order!


fun-lovingJanette thinks she’s a fun-loving person. But what do I mean? What type of woman am I? What is my personality like?

Am I a person who is keen on:

  1. Sitting at home, sending ‘monkey’ SMS messages to everyone in my contact’s list.
  2. Reading Nietzsche and pontificating about the meaning of life.
  3. Doing different things, going out with friends, enjoying the insanity of life and laughing a lot.

Yes, the answer is 3. And, as my best mate says, this is the reason why my face is so full of laugh lines.  On the other hand, other no-nonsense people, say that I’m just old and that obviously, I have a lot of wrinkles!

Want to know how to pronounce this word? If so, click here: Fun-loving

Inglés Málaga Chat Room: The Perfect Flatmate: Party Animal or Clean Freak?

Ingles Malaga Chat Room The Perfect FlatmateAre you interested in improving your English speaking skills in a relaxed way?
If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions with Janette will be able to help you!
The next session is:

  1.  Chat Room Session: The Perfect Flatmate: Party Animal or Clean Freak
  2. Date: Wednesday 18th November 2015. 20:15pm: 21:15pm

In this session you will:

  1. Practise your ability to talk about different personalities
  2. Practise your ability to discuss the characteristics of the perfect flatmate
  3. Practise your ability to interview potential flatmates

For more information about the price, location and to reserve your place, please email Janette :

To be sick and tired of something or somebody

to be sick and tired ofTo be sick and tired of doing something or of someone is an idiom which means you feel bored and perhaps annoyed.  In other words, you are fed up!

For example, these are the things that I’m sick and tired of at the moment:

  1. Drunk people waking me up at 4 in the morning
  2. People asking me if I own a hairbrush
  3. Burning pots and pans
  4. People spitting on the street
  5. Buskers who don’t have any talent
  6. People who shamelessly demonstrate a lack of compassion.  (Did you know it’s free?!)
  7. Badly made cocktails
  8. People who have an inability to apologise for bad behaviour

OMG, I feel soooooooooooooooooo much better!  Ok, it’s your turn, what are you sick and tired of?  Seriously, you will definitely feel fantastic when you get it off your chest.


Are Spanish people laid-back or uptight?

easygoing or laid-backTo be laid-back describes a personality trait that means having a relaxed or casual character. A synonym adjective is easygoing.  So, broadly speaking are Spanish people laid-back or are they more like the stereotype of the British personality: reserved and uptight?

Are you like Ben Stiller’s character  and uptight, or are you more like Jennifer Aniston’s character and easygoing?

Beach Bum

beach-bumA beach bum is a type of person who is keen on beach holidays, sunbathing and hanging out at the beach doing absolutely nothing. Is this you? Or, does this type of relaxation drive you nuts?

Personally speaking I can spend hours and days at the beach: drinking cold beer, playing beach tennis and dancing to summer tunes. Furthermore, there really is nothing more cathartic than listening to the motion of the ocean. Yes, it’s great to live on the south coast of Spain.