Are you a philospher or a rock star?

descartesAccorElvisding to the well-known philosopher Descartes we can prove our existence because we THINK;  remember his theory: ‘I think, therefore I am’.

However, according to the King of rock and roll Elvis Presley we can prove our existence because we DO; remember the lyrics: ‘ a little less conversation, a little more action’. Well, on balance, I believe thinking is overrated and that life is more fun if you are a doer and not a thinker.

How about you?  Are you an armchair philospher, or are you moving and shaking with the rock stars?



Charity Concert: Spanish Pop Rock

Spanish Rock ConcertThe Inglés Málaga members are very, very, very talented and it is a daily privilege for me to be a part of this community.  If you want to experience the singing talents of one of our very own, then you can on Saturday the 21st of June.  The amazing Rocio is singing as part of a choir in a charity Spanish Pop-Rock concert.  In addition to experiencing the wonderful voice of Rocio, you will have the opportunity to see inside one of the most beautiful concert halls in Málaga.  I’ve been told that is is breathtaking and I  have got ants in my pants to go.

For information on how to get your hands on some tickets  click here.  Get them today as they might be sold out tomorrow.