Calling all music lovers!

If you do one new thing this April, then I would strongly recommend that you go and see a band at The Clarence Jazz Club. 

I went the other week with some mates, and had a complete blast. So, I know Jazz has a reputation for attracting pretentious people, who rub their chins, wear cool hats, and pontificate about the meaning of life.  However, diversity is definitely the spice of life, and thankfully there were lots of different types of people at the gig.  Consequently, if you fancy listening to a band, and you want to contribute to the preservation of our musical culture, then don´t delay, check out The Clarence Jazz Club in Málaga, you will not be disappointed!

Stuck in the office, but wishing you were at a beach party?

Last weekend I was stuck in the office working, catching up on paperwork, and cleaning with a very beautiful pair of pink rubber gloves. Anyway, to keep me motivated and focused I had this dance track (Broods – Heartlines (MOUNT Remix/Audio) on repeat play.   If you are keen on dance music, then check it out here. OMG,  I´m hooked on it! However, if rock ballads are more your cup of tea, then don´t bother.

To take advantage of something

To take advantage of something means to use an opportunity to achieve results, sometimes in an unfair way.

For example, the Spanish academic year is nearly over so my advice to all teachers is to take advantage of your pupil-free days, stop taking prescription drugs to get you through the day, and start recharging your batteries with some serious dance moves and Jason Derulo.


Jukebox Friday: Summer Chill-Out!

So, the summer vibe is palpable in the streets of Málaga and I´m already creating my beach soundtrack.  My bikini is dust-free, my flip flops are ready to take a stroll and my suntan lotion is in my beach bag.

In fact, if I were in your shoes, I would check out this amazing new band.  For me, FKJ are going to be the chill-out group of summer 2017. Recharge your batteries by listening to FKJ

Free Soul Band-The Perfect Valentine: 18.02.2017

free-soul-bandIf you want to dance and have fun, then we have what you’re looking for!

On Saturday, 18 February 2017, at 23:30 hours, come and get your groove on with Free Soul Band.

Buy your ticket at the restaurant or by calling 951333131, hurry up to going out!

Music Challenge: Go to 12 gigs

gigMy younger sister has always been a music lover and she has gone to gigs ( music concerts) since she worked out how to sneak out of the house without our mother knowing, i.e. when she was about 14. So, my sister has set me a musical challenge whereby I have to see 12 new bands of different genres. I’m also a music lover but know a lot less about music than she does so I’ve got ants in my pants to start this challenge and get more into the music scene of Málaga, which, truth be told, gets better every year. Bring it on sister, I’m totally up for this challenge!

Janette’s August Jukebox: Disco-a-Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning Janette DukeboxSeptember is a sniff away and I’m feeling all loved up!
It’s true, this summer has been about falling in love, dancing in flip flops to ‘Greece Lightning’ at Feria ( yep, it was messy!) drinking cocktails at the beach, getting my ass kicked at beach tennis, playing crazy golf, catching up with old friends, making new ones and hanging out at Recyclo my favourite café in Málaga. I’ve had a blast, and as a result of painting the town red on too many occasions I’m going on the wagon for the month of September.

OMG, I’m already thinking how I can put some vodka in a celery juice so that my sister doesn’t find out. She is the only person who can look at my face and know instantly that I’m telling a fib.

Anyway, I’m saying goodbye to August and saying: Bring it on September, I’m ready for anything!

Want to get in the mood for a fantastic September? Of course you do!!  So, come on, get your dancing shoes on, start shaking those hips and moving your arms; it’s time for: Grease Lightning.

Finally, a note to the guy I smacked in the face when I did the Grease Lightning moves in Plaza de la Flores: ‘’Please accept my apologies, it wasn’t my intention for your face to make contact with my fist’.