To spill the beans

To spill the beans!  –  A soltar la sopa

Spill the beans plainWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To reveal a secret or to tell the truth’

So, if you are a chatterbox, like my 9 year old nephew, you will find it difficult not to spill the beans.

So, the last thing my nephew said to me was: ”Aunty Netty, Mummy says you don’t have a boyfriend because you’ve got dirty socks.  But I think it’s because you can’t run fast enough. 

Well, I think Mummy shouldn’t be talking about my sex life, and for that matter, what have socks got to do with it?   I don’t get it!!!!  Do you?

To put all your eggs in one basket

Put all your eggs in one basket!  –  Poner todos los huevos en una canasta

Put all your eggs in one basketWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To rely on  a single person or plan of action for success and happiness:

Yes, putting all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster! So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket;why have one boyfriend when you can have two!

To be full of beans

To be full of beans!  –  Estar lleno de frijoles

be full of beansWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To be full of energy’

Last weekend I was full of beans because I drank a gallon of RED BULL!  Yep, Red Bull gives you wings and a lot of beans!  However, it has to be said that Red Bull tastes better when it’s mixed with vodka! So, when are you full of beans?

Cricket and Diet Water – someone is pulling my leg!

MoneySexPowerI am horrified!
So, recently I’ve written about politics, I’ve written about my beloved Yorkshire, I’ve even written about food and sex, and yet, the most popular Inglés Málaga posts over the last month have been about CRICKET and DIET WATER.

Seriously, are you pulling my leg? Are you kidding me? Are you having me on?

I think I made it very clear that cricket is the most inane, boring sport ever, ever, EVER played and that there is no such thing as diet water. In addition, surely everyone knows that the 3 most important things in life are Money, Power and Sex! Come on, wake up and smell the coffee!

Dirt Cheap

dirt cheapFor those of you who are mad about clothes and fashion, the July Sales in Málaga is a great time to pick up a bargain. In fact, many things on sale are dirt cheap and if you look hard enough, you can find garments for less than €5.00. However, if you are like me and don’t fancy spending money on fashion items, then now is the time to keep your eye on Groupon for dirt cheap holidays, discounted electrical products and amazing offers on adventure activities. Indeed, did you know that you can learn how to scuba dive or surf for less than €50.00? So, I say: put down the clothes and pick up an adventure bargain instead, they are as cheap as chips.

Daylight Robbery

daylight robberyJimmy Choo WHO?
As many of you know I can’t stand shopping and the worst of the worst is shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. Truth be told, I’d rather go to the dentist, eat the eye of a goat or pick up cow pat all day. Seriously, it’s such a pain in the buttocks but I didn’t realize that it could be such a pain on your bank account as well.

Last week someone directed me to the British high-fashion designer Jimmy Choo website and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a pair of black high-heels cost: €657.00 and although that’s daylight robbery in itself, unbelievably they are on sale! The price before the discount was €1,095.00. a robber

I’m sorry, but I’m sure if I searched hard enough on  I could buy a small island for the same price. Yes, daylight robbery; in my book when Jimmy Choo sells a pair of shoes a serious crime has been committed.

So, in your book, what things cost an arm and a leg, an even worse what is daylight robbery? Yes, I agree: ENDESA, they’re having a laugh at our expense!


To spend a penny

spend a pennyTo spend a penny, is a common British idiom which means: to go to the toilet.

According to my grandparents, the word loo and toilet were vulgar, and the expression:’ go to the restroom’ was completely inaccurate, consequently they used to say.  ‘Please forgive me, but I must go and spend a penny’.

I know?!?  It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I understood what they were talking about.  However, more importantly, it costs 30 pennies nowadays. What a rip off!

As an aside, in Vietnam, the loo is called The Happy Room and in the Philippines it is called a Comfort Room.  I’m not saying anything, BUT, my definition of comfort is definitely not the same as it is in the Philippines.


Good Value for Money

Is an expression that means you believe that the money you paid for something was appropriate for the quality and usefulness of the product or service. For example, although my apple nano cost £150 it was ‘Good Value for Money’ because it’s 3 years old, the sound quality is excellent, it’s easy to use, it has a lot of memory, and if I ask nicely it can open a bottle of wine, make me a cup of coffee and do the grocery shopping while I drink cocktails.

What was the last thing you bought which was good value for money?

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