To be cheesed off

I am so cheesed off!!

To be cheesed off is an expression which means a person feels cross, angry, upset or annoyed.  For example: The goldfish is cheesed off because living in a bowl is superbly dull. I‘m cheesed off  because the recovery of my broken wrist is so SLOW! Well, truth be told, my emotions might be connected to the fact that I’m really impatient.  What do you think?

Are you cheesed off with work?  Or perhaps, your partner is really getting on your nerves!

Improve Listening Comprehension

ListenImproving your listening comprehension takes time and effort.  Why not try some of these to help you get motivated?



  1. Elementary Podcasts from The British Council
  2. Situational recordings: At the Bank, In a Restaurant
  3. Grammar Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  4. Learn with the British Council


  1. Simple English Videos to help you use English better
  2. How to make a Christmas Cake the old-fashioned way
  3. The London Olympic Challenge
  4. Short recordings about interesting people and places
  5. What would your ideal trip be?


  1. BBC Travel Show Pods
  2. Bitesized recordings about every topic you can imagine
  3. Listen to the BBC World News in one minute
  4. BBC podcasts and Downloads
  5. General and Business English
  6. Watch TV and Films online for free
  7. TED Playlists: Brilliant speeches for Advanced Learners
  8. Watch British TV programmes
  9. Advanced Culture Vultures – New York Met museum
  10. British Council Professional podcasts
  11. A Royal Romance – Love is Truly All Around
  12. Listen to the ideas of successful business gurus
  13. Listen to The British Council’s Podcasts for Professionals


George is British: He likes tea, rain and David Beckham

English GeorgeSo, how do non-native British people view English people?

This is George. George is typically English, and for this reason he likes tea. He eats fish and chips and he uses red buses.  Because George is English he likes to say these words: ‘splendid, spiffing and cheerio’.

George likes the British winter because it is grey, cold and wet. He likes the British summer because it is grey, cold and wet. His favourite British man is David Beckham, and his favourite British woman naturally, is The Queen. However, what does George like the most? Watch this video to find out.

By the way, Janette is British, she also likes David Beckham but she’s not very keen on  tea; she prefers vodka and wine.  She’s a vegetarian so she doesn’t eat fish but she does love chips.  She likes to say the words: ‘ a bottle of san miguel please!’ Finally, she can’t stand the word: ‘ spiffing’ because it’s just too posh!

The British Flag: The Union Jack

The Union JackThe Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is formed by combining the red and white crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick and retaining the blue background of the flag of St Andrew.

If you want to read more about the history of the Union Jack and find out why The Welsh flag wasn’t included, then click here.

The British are a diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural society, with strong regional accents, expressions and identities. The social structure of the United Kingdom has changed radically since the nineteenth century, largely as a result of  the decline in religious observance, the enlargement of the middle classes, and an increase in ethnic diversity.

The population of the UK is about 62.5 million, with a British Diaspora of around 140 million concentrated in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States.  OMG, 140 million of us!

Are you a Mod or a Punk?

The JamIn my youth you were either a Mod or a Punk, or a nobody, and if you were a Mod then you listened to The Jam, you rode a scooter and you wore a suit. Unfortunately, I was a nobody!

However, I loved the Jam and one of my summer hits of 2014 has been The Jam’s English Rose. So, it’s not an up-tempo song, but it’s the perfect tune to listen to if you sat at Mandelas in Pedregalejo watching the sky turn from blue to pink. What’s happening to me, I’m becoming romantic!?

Are you a music lover?

WarAs a music lover, life without music would be my worst nightmare. In fact, last year my Apple nano decided to test my nerves and stopped working. I would like to say I was as cool as a cucumber, but the truth is I was on my knees crying like a baby. Luckily for me, I have a Teckie Knight who always comes to the rescue and saves my life.
Anyway, Janette’s summer duke box has gone retro and this month has all been about old tunes. So, how about shaking your stuff to the 1975 classic tune Low Rider from a not so well-known band War. It’s brilliant!

LISTENING: The House of the Future

Living Tomorrow: The House of the Future- It’s a steal at 22 million Euros!
house of the futureDespite the fact that I’m not that into technology, I can’t stand wasting time so I really liked the fact that in this house I can order and pay for food from a kitchen smart board, I can immediately find out more information about what I’m eating and I can watch the news and check the weather forecast in an intelligent mirror while I’m brushing my teeth. However, on the other hand, all the cool and high-tech gadgets would just collect dust as I’d rather talk, touch, and smell people than get jiggy with a touch screen. Furthermore, 22 million Euros, are they pulling my leg? I could buy a small island for the same money.

Click here to check out this technology driven house. What are your feelings? Are you a techno-junkie? Or, are you more like me, a techno-avoider?

LISTENING: Is Technology Killing Your Memory?

It is often alleged by experts that we are killing our ability to remember things because we rely too much on technology to find out, process, retain and recall information.Unfortunately, this is true for me, since I started using technological devices to remind me of birthdays, telephone numbers, what food to buy and when I should phone my mother, I don’t remember a thing. I even have my home address saved in my mobile just in case I can’t remember where I live. On the other hand, I always forget to take it out with effect
However, surprisingly, this research study suggests that technology is not frying our memories. Rather, they suggest we are actively choosing NOT TO REMEMBER facts and information, instead, we are choosing to remember where to locate the information if we need it in the future. This is what they call the: Google Effect.

Listen to the video and make up your own mind. Don’t forget you can follow the typescript if you can’t understand a word the narrator is saying.