Take a break; do some maintenance, get jiggy!

Take a break Ingles MalagaThe Inglés Málaga blog is taking a short summer break in order to recharge its batteries, do some maintenance work, and get’ jiggy’ with some other bloggers.

However, you can still improve your English level daily by taking classes with us, yes the blog is taking a break but we aren’t, or by:

  1. Using the Search Page Facility to look up previous posts
  2. Using the Learning Discipline drop down function if you want to focus on a specific language skill
  3. Reviewing topic specific vocabulary and ideas by checking out The Topic of the Month sections
  4. Listening to the BBC podcasts located at the bottom of the pages
  5. Checking out the Link In section to connect to external resources
  6. Post some summer requests and recommendations

Have a chilled out August and be cheeky!

Improve Listening Comprehension

ListenImproving your listening comprehension takes time and effort.  Why not try some of these to help you get motivated?



  1. Elementary Podcasts from The British Council
  2. Situational recordings: At the Bank, In a Restaurant
  3. Grammar Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  4. Learn with the British Council


  1. Simple English Videos to help you use English better
  2. How to make a Christmas Cake the old-fashioned way
  3. The London Olympic Challenge
  4. Short recordings about interesting people and places
  5. What would your ideal trip be?


  1. BBC Travel Show Pods
  2. Bitesized recordings about every topic you can imagine
  3. Listen to the BBC World News in one minute
  4. BBC podcasts and Downloads
  5. General and Business English
  6. Watch TV and Films online for free
  7. TED Playlists: Brilliant speeches for Advanced Learners
  8. Watch British TV programmes
  9. Advanced Culture Vultures – New York Met museum
  10. British Council Professional podcasts
  11. A Royal Romance – Love is Truly All Around
  12. Listen to the ideas of successful business gurus
  13. Listen to The British Council’s Podcasts for Professionals


British People Can’t Flamenco and We Can’t Fan!

Janette with fanAlthough I would like to say: ‘Of course British people have rhythm and that if we practise, we can learn Flamenco and that clapping thing and that OLE thing’. However, I have to concede that we CAN’T. In addition, perfecting the action of fanning is also a massive challenge for most of us Brits.

I’ve been practising for 5 years and look at me. Yep, the word ‘moronic’ comes to mind!

To bump into someone or something

bump intoTo bump into is a common phrasal verb which means you meet someone by chance, by accident, i.e. not planned. In fact, at the gym on Saturday morning I bumped into someone that I’ve not seen for 7 months. It was such a lovely surprise to see them and catch up on their news.

Don’t you think it’s always great to bump into old friends? Now, when am I going to bump into George Clooney?