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Modal Mania: It’s the law Janette! You MUST, You MUST NOT

Public notices and laws express obligations with the modal verb MUST and MUST NOT.
So what do these public notices mean? Perhaps:Public Notices

  1. Police, you must look the other way, I’m growing some medicinal plant life.
  2. You must not enter this club if you have a heart problem.
  3. You must not buy a kangaroo for Christmas, they are wild ferocious animals and I can’t stand them!

road signsNow, this is a gentle reminder to my Spanish driving friends about road regulations.

  1. At a traffic light, you must stop at a red light; a red light does not mean you must accelerate.
  2. At a roundabout, you must pay attention to lanes and indicate to let everyone know what you are doing.
  3. Motorbikes must not drive on the pavement.
  4. You must not deliberately crash into the front or back of a car in order to make a parking space bigger
  5. You must not put on mascara, check your WhatsUp?-App, nor take your pants off.

Denmark has lost its heart!

Denmark has lost compassion
For people of my generation, Denmark has always been thought of as a country which strongly supports cultural tolerance, compassion and understanding. With this in mind,  it is practically inconceivable for me to believe how far this country has fallen.  Shame on you Denmark!

If you want to read more about Denmark’s anti-immigration policies,  then the full article is here.

The jury is out!

the jury is outThe jury is out is an expression we use to say that we haven’t made up our mind about something.

For example: ”Janette, do you think the UK should leave the EU?”

”Well, for me, the jury is out.