Inglés Málaga: English Snack Time for Business Growth

A bite-size approach to improving English is welcomed by progressive organisations seeking to breathe new life into how they develop their employees.  In light of this, Inglés Málaga says: ‘’Take an office break, and snack on English for employee happiness and business growth.’’

Join the English Snack Time training programme for companies and employees.

Inglés Málaga Summer Success Stories

Ingles Malaga successIt is well known that success doesn’t come easily.

For example, being successful at work takes time, experience and mistakes; finding the perfect partner takes effort, understanding and compromise, or, as in my case, a bottle of whiskey, some medicinal herbs and a chocolate cake; and finally, passing an English exam takes determination, commitment, practice and, in my opinion, an intelligent examiner.
So, with this in mind, I would like to congratulate the clients I had over the summer who demonstrated all these characteristics and a lot more.

You are seriously an inspiration to me and deserve to celebrate. Go on, let your hair down and celebrate your achievements; you could even recharge your batteries with a night out!

Janette is in 7th heaven!

Joy is to be shared! Everyone leap up and down Janette is in 7th heaven, yes she’s on cloud 9, she’s over the moon!

Don’t you just love it when a plan works out? Don’t you feel like a kid in a toy shop when the unexpected sends you delirious with pleasure? Of course, the answer is YES.

So, what’s the story Janette?
No, I’ve not won the lottery. No I’ve not met Mr Right, or Mr Wrong or Mr In-Between. No, I’ve not been getting close and personal with the local drug-dealer, ( what a pity!) and no, I’ve not managed not to burn a pot or a pan this weekend. You can all feel safe in the knowledge that Janette still can’t cook; ( Seriously, how can frying an egg be a challenge!?)

But, I have got one of these.  molotov DukeboxYep, a ticket to see Molotov Jukebox live.  I’m crazy with excitement! Not heard of Molotov Jukebox? OMG, check them out.

RondaAnd, I’m going to have this view for my pre-Christmas mini-getaway. It’s just too delicious for words!

And, last Saturday my gym instructor surprised me with the best spinning class I have ever, EVER had, and it was all to classical music. I am still on my knees bowing to the brilliance of this woman.

Inma, you are the WOMAN!  I feel inspired and challenged and I can’t wait to get my arse back on the saddle!