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English – Spanish expressions. Yep, everything is lost in translation!


Music Lovers & Beach Bums Unite

For all you music lovers and beach bums, if you don´t have plans for the weekend, then take your maracas down to the end of summer beach party.  The amazing Free Soul Band will help you celebrate in style, rock n roll!

To be blue

to be blueDespite the glorious spring weather, at the moment, I am feeling a little blue. To be, or to feel blue, is a very common idiom which expresses the feeling of sadness of depression.  How about cheering me up with a little joke or, you could throw caution to the wind and take me on holiday?

Anyway, what makes you feel blue?


April Fool´s Day

April Fool’s Day is a day when people play tricks and pranks on each other.  In the UK it is celebrated on the 1st of April, in Spain, a similar event happens on the 28th of December.

Indeed, I thought Brexit was an April Fool, and I thought voting for Donald Trump was an April Fool. However, it seems that I am the fool!

To commemorate

world-cancer-dayTo commemorate: /kəˈmɛməreɪt/ is a common verb used to mark or show respect for an event or person.

For example, World Cancer Day is an international day commemorated on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.


Money Dilemma: Lost and Found

Imagine you found 5000 Euros on the street, what would you do with the cash?

Money Dilemma: Inheritance

Imagine, you have been extremely fortunate as a great-aunt has left you a lot of money in her will. That’s correct; as a result of this inheritance you are no longer as poor as a church mouse. If this situation happened to you, what would you do with the inheritance?


fun-lovingJanette thinks she’s a fun-loving person. But what do I mean? What type of woman am I? What is my personality like?

Am I a person who is keen on:

  1. Sitting at home, sending ‘monkey’ SMS messages to everyone in my contact’s list.
  2. Reading Nietzsche and pontificating about the meaning of life.
  3. Doing different things, going out with friends, enjoying the insanity of life and laughing a lot.

Yes, the answer is 3. And, as my best mate says, this is the reason why my face is so full of laugh lines.  On the other hand, other no-nonsense people, say that I’m just old and that obviously, I have a lot of wrinkles!

Want to know how to pronounce this word? If so, click here: Fun-loving

Cooking spooky biscuits!

As many of you know I can’t stand anything to do with cooking, baking, boiling or frying; not to mention the fact that washing up is as dull as dishwater.

However, I have an extremely sweet tooth and spend a lot of time stuffing my face with chocolate, cake and biscuits. Consequently, if anyone wants to try out this recipe for spooky biscuits, it would be my pleasure to eat them for you.

English for Employment

ingles por empleoEnglish for Employment: English is a Must-do for Graduates and Jobseekers.

Companies and local employers recruit graduates and jobseekers with a high level of English so get your foot in the door and stand out from the crowd this summer by improving your English communication skills.  Whether you are:

  1. Preparing for an official English exam,
  2. Perfecting your job interview technique, or
  3. Improving your professional English skills for business contexts, we can help you.

Málaga City boasts about its cuisine, the climate, the lively nightlife and its cultural heritage, but at Inglés Málaga we also want Málaga City to gain an international reputation for having the most employable jobseekers that are professional, creative and ambitious.