Celebrate the life, the love, the voice of Aretha

As the world mourns the loss of a legend.  I just can´t help myself; this is not a day to mourn, this is not a day to be blue, this is a day to celebrate, this is a day to shake your arms, legs and booty; this is a day to sing Aretha. Rock on Sister, as a music lover, I´m in the soul zone.

And, tomorrow, I´ll be shaking my ass to Free Soul Band to celebrate all that is great about the Málaga August Fair. ¡Viva Málaga!


To break up

To break up is a common phrasal verb which means: ‘to separate’. You can use it to describe the end of a relationship, romantic or otherwise. For example, my boyfriend broke up with me last week and I am over the moon because all that commitment was totally getting on my nerves.  Unfortunately, The Beatles broke up in 1970. Or, you can use it to describe the action of breaking an object into different parts. For example, unscrupulous multinationals take over smaller companies in order to break them up and get rid of the competition.

Yoda is intelligent and wise, but his grammar is mental!

If you watch the Star Wars films, without a shadow of a doubt, you will learn a lot about life, power, greed and the delicious seduction of the dark side, (seriously, who doesn´t want to be Darth Vader?!)

On the other hand, if you copy Yoda´s speech patterns, and his use of grammar and word order, you are definitely going to confuse the hell out of native English speakers.  So Yoda, please, get back to basics and have a look at how to ask  a question.