Are you a techno junkie?

techno junkieA techno junkie is a common expression used to describe a person who is addicted to or hooked on using technology 24/7.

Now, despite the fact that my smart phone is still being used as a house decoration, I do love technology when it does what I want it to do.  However, I can’t stand technology when it makes my life more complicated or time-inefficient.  I’d rather be disco dancing, playing pool or scuba diving. Seriously, wouldn’t you?

Desert island survival: who goes?

desert islandImagine you are going to be stranded on a desert island for 12 months and you can take 4 people with you.  You have to choose the people by their professions.  Which 4 people would you take:

  1. A butcher
  2. A mechanic
  3. A ventriloquist
  4. A George Clooney
  5. An Uma Thurman
  6. A politician
  7. A chef
  8. An engineer
  9. A singer
  10. A computer programmer
  11. A sports coach
  12. A doctor

I would take a singer, George Clooney, a doctor and an engineer.

Party Challenge: Organise family event

Family PartyEvery 2 years my extended family and our friends get together for a summer garden party. The party usually has a theme, involves a lot of daft games, an excess of alcohol and enough junk food to feed the entire village. So far, we’ve had the Olympics, the Football World Cup and the World Croquet Tournament. Much to my disgust, I’ve never been on the winning team and it’s very, very, very important to me that this year I can hold up the O’Carroll trophy with my team mates.

So, I need some ideas for a theme. What do you reckon is a good party theme for about 70 people with an age range from 1 to 90?

Entertaining Challenge: Take up an adventure sport

paintballingI fancy taking up a new adventure sport this year.  I’m thinking of a team sport, something that doesn’t involve throwing yourself off a bridge, or jumping out of a plane with an oversized umbrella stuck to your back.  Rock climbing isn’t my cup of tea because there’s just too much countryside; seriously, if I’m more than 1 kilometre away from a cash point machine, I start to have a panic attack.  So, my first choice is paintballing.  What do you reckon?  It’s a strategy team sport, you get to shoot people and run around with paint on your face pretending to be Rambo.  What’s not to like about that?!

D.I.Y: Do it yourself!

diy skillsD.I.Y is an acronym which stands for: ‘Do it yourself’’. The acronym is usually connected to non-expert home repairs and if you want to save money, then learning this type of skill should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Worryingly, I have zero d.i.y skills.  So, if anyone would like to teach me some practical skills, my door is wide open!