ESL English for Business Meetings – Brainstorm to Evaluation

Detailed lesson plans perfect for trainers who teach English for business contexts to adults and professionals

ESL lesson plans business english
You focus on the delivery, we´ve done the donkey work

The benefits:

  • Engage and motivate your learners with real-world content
  • Save time – the donkey work has been done
  • Lesson plans include class content in a slides presentation, trainer notes, learner handouts and connected audio/video materials
  • Learning aims and target language clearly linked to activities
  • Activities focused on improving learner´s speaking skills so they can communicate effectively in business situations with a high level of fluency and confidence
  • Suitable for online and physical learning environments
  • No one size fits all – you can edit the materials to suit the needs of your learners
  • Activities easy to adapt to run as bite-sized micro-learning sessions
  • Lesson plans developed to add value to the language improvement experience by improving creative and lateral thinking as well as encouraging collaborative teamwork

ESL Business Meetings: From Brainstorm to Evaluation



Progressive companies are praised!

What employees say about their employers:

  1. “Friendly staff, flexible schedules, opportunities for growth and employee recognition programs.”
  2.  “Anthem offers competitive salaries, achievable career path for advancement, diversity, and advanced industry training. Anthem recognizes the importance of work life balance.”
  3. “Fun work environment. Good pay and benefits. Good training.”
  4. “Diversity matters here and is openly discussed. I am able to focus on my work and I know that Slack will do right by me (comp, benefits, culture, work/life balance, etc.)”
  5. “Great People from Peers to Leaders – working here is genuinely fun and the people are awesome! In addition to senior leadership being super personable and humble, I’ve made some great friends here and am almost always happy to come into work every morning to see my coworkers/friends even though I have the flexibility to work from home!”
  6. “Management is focused on personal growth and development and very supportive of both your professional and personal goals.”