Are you a food lover?

I have friends who are visiting Málaga in October, and they have asked for my advice regarding places to eat good-quality inexpensive food. As I am not a food lover, I don´t have a clue what to recommend.  Please help, what are the must-try eateries in Málaga?


A-levels vs the International Baccalaureate: which makes a more rounded student?

Lecturer in Education, University of Bath

Few would disagree that a good education means more than just exam results. The benefits of non-academic experiences – from sports competitions, charity events, or school plays – have been shown to lead to more than just happy memories.

Evidence shows that taking part in extracurricular activities can support academic attainment, even into adulthood, as well as bringing personal benefits such as social skills, improved well-being, and self-confidence.

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