Modal Mania: Janette requires some advice: You ought to.

Purchase SuggestionsIn my book, gift giving is a pleasure but thinking of an appropriate gift, locating it and then ensuring you are permitted to use plastic to pay for it can sometimes be a pain in the neck.

My mother is only interested in 3 things in life: Bach, hats, and church bells. Stereotypically speaking, women like to have a big wardrobe for all their clothes but my mother needs to have a whole room to store all her hats. In her free time she runs from one village church to another yanking bell ropes and our family home shakes as Bach’s B minor mass blares out most evenings irritating the deer and foxes.

With this in mind, I need your help. What ought I to buy her, the woolly bear hat, the church bell or the wig? Let me know, when you have a moment.

It’s a challenge – It’s a mystery!

mystery presentsBy far, the biggest challenge I have had this festive holiday is trying to work out what these things are that I found in my Christmas stocking.  The problem is that the instructions on how to use them are in Japanese.   So, I know that the ball takes 3 batteries and the yellow bear has a pink pig sister, but other than that, I haven’t got a clue!  Any ideas?