Health: Smartphones and mental health

smartphones and mental health Screen-based activity has been linked to anti-social behaviour, and an increase in health problems such as depression, insomnia and  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Furthermore, technology has also been blamed for cyber-bullying, isolation, communication issues and reduced self-esteem. On the other hand, according to some experts technology can be good for our mental health. Read the full article here.

Health: Eating disorders and social media

social media eating disordersIt was reported today that the number of hospital admissions for UK teenagers with eating disorders has risen by 89% in the past three years.  However, this writer’s point of view says blaming social media for the increase is far too simple. Read the full article here. Moreover, what’s your take on this controversial topic?

Health: Smartphones tackle obesity

Smartphones tackle obesityBrilliant – a ‘smart-phone’ that says:

Put it down Janette, that food is one way to ensure that you have a small heart attack in the next 30 minutes! Why not eat a bowl of oats and a rice cake?”.

Now, I need another ‘smarter-phone’ to respond: ” Mind your own business Mr Chatterbox!

Read the full article here.

Food glorious food: Restaurant reviews El Tapy

El TapyI can’t bear cooking, but I am really keen on eating and stuffing my face. I also like sharing information about must-do restaurants in Málaga.

Has anyone tried the top-notch food at El Tapy in the historical centre of Malaga? Well, if not, if I were in your shoes, I would make a plan to go there with your mates; you will definitely not regret it!

The service is second-to-none and the waiters are hot!  As a vegetarian, I have to say I’m bored, bored, bored of Spanish omelettes, honeyed aubergines and a few tomatoes and onions mixed together with enough olive oil to sink a ship.  So I was over the moon to have lots of vegetarian options when I ate at El Tapy the other week.

shoestring budgetMoreover, if you are on a shoestring budget, this is the perfect place as it’s as cheap as chips, especially if you order the ‘daily offer’.  In addition, I had a blast chatting to the owner.

So, how do you write a restaurant review? If you are an Inglés Malaga client, you can check out my sample review in the Downloads section, but it you are not, perhaps you could follow these guidelines: How to Write a Restaurant Review

Finally, in Málaga:

  1. Which restaurants would you recommend to a group of young tourists on a budget?
  2. Which restaurants would you recommend to people who can’t stand children?
  3. Which restaurants are family-friendly?

The big cheese

The big cheese is a colloquial expression used to describe a very important person; for example, the Chief Executive, the Head Teacher, the Prime Minister, or the most important manager or director of a company.  Indeed, David Cameron is the big cheese of the UK as a result of the recent British general elections.

So, what’s your big cheese like? Is he or she a cold fish, or, are they friendly and approachable? Come on spill the beans.


gone off foodInedible is an adjective which means that something is unfit to eat. So, why might something be inedible? Well, the food could have gone off, or it could have passed its use-by date, or it could taste so bad that it’s not possible to swallow it. In fact, last month I hosted a dinner party and the soya chili I cooked was so inedible that we had to go out for dinner instead!

Sweet Smoothies: Is it better to be healthy or is it better to be naughty?

banana smoothieIt’s that time of year again when I become hooked on drinking smoothies and giving my blender a full workout. People wonder if my addiction is connected to being healthy and I have to admit that it isn’t. Although it’s true, I am an active person, I can honestly say that I’m more interested in being naughty than I am in being healthy and eating like a rabbit! So, which side of the fence are you on? Are you a rabbit, or, are you a naughty zebra?

Finally, if you would like to try to make a delicious banana smoothie, check out this website.  In addition, there are loads of different recipes to try if you don’t like bananas.  Or, you could feel inspired and invent your own. Furthermore, if it’s past 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s definitely time to add some alcohol to all that healthy fruit.



WRITING: Restaurant Reviews

sea view restaurantImagine you have seen this announcement in a magazine.

Have you eaten at a local restaurant recently? If so, why not write a review for our Food section, telling other readers what the restaurant and the food was like?

Write your review in less than 200 words. All published reviews will receive a free meal for two at the restaurant.

Need inspiration? Check out the Downloads section for a sample review I wrote, or perhaps you could follow these guidelines: How to Write a Restaurant Review

To have a sweet tooth

curlywurlyThis is a very common idiom used to describe someone who enjoys eating sweet food, especially sweets and chocolate. I have an extremely sweet tooth and giving me chocolate is the easiest and most effective way of manipulating me. Having said that, it won’t work if you give me some ‘real’ chocolate, neither that stuff with 0% sugar!! I know, who thought that was a good idea?!
Now, I could blame my addiction on my genes, but, as my brother ‘has a gin and tonic’ tooth and my younger sister ‘has a packet of smokey bacon crisps’ tooth, I think I have to own up and say: ” No, I’m hooked on sweet stuff because it’s just sooooooooooooooo yummy!”
Turkish DelightFinally, in the distant past, brave knights and warriors risked their lives looking for the Holy Grail. Controversially, the only thing I’d risk my life for is a Cadbury’s Curly Wurly, or perhaps a Flake, but definitely not a Toffee Crisp or any Turkish Delight. Seriously, anyone who likes Turkish Delight need their heads tested!

By the way, all you Turkish Delight-lovers can post and complain.  I say: ”Bring it on, my Curly Wurly can take you, any day of the week!”