Happy Hour

happy hourHappy Hour describes a time in a bar or a club when you can get cheaper drinks.

Unfortunately, I spent my entire university life in pubs during happy hour. At the time, I thought I was saving money.  What I didn’t take into account was that maybe it would have been better to spend less time in the pubs and more time on my philosophy exams.   Having said that, I think philosophy drove me to the bars.

In my first year at university I can remember I had to write a 2000 word essay answering the question:  What is red?  I know, my lecturer was clearly pulling my leg!    And, I failed because I answered his question with these 8 words.  It is the colour of my favourite lipstick.


underwearUnderwear: The clothes that you wear closest to your skin are called underwear.

Underwear comes in all shapes and sizes.

Firstly, for the girls we have briefs, and thongs, and big pants, and knickers. We have tummy tuckers, high rise, low rise and seam free. We have too many different types of bras to mention. However, here are a few: the multi-way, the full cup, the under-wire, the strapless, the seam free, the plunge and the sports bra.

For men, its as simple as: pants and vest. Is that right?


fireworksFireworks are things that explode in the sky to make a light of different colours.  They are usually very noisy, but extremely beautiful.  Fireworks are used to celebrate big occasions, for example, at New Year’s Eve or at a wedding.

You can use the verb: to light, or the phrasal verb: to set off with the noun fireworks. For example: on New Year’s Eve I set off lots of fireworks to celebrate the start of a new year.