Janette’s August Jukebox: Disco-a-Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning Janette DukeboxSeptember is a sniff away and I’m feeling all loved up!
It’s true, this summer has been about falling in love, dancing in flip flops to ‘Greece Lightning’ at Feria ( yep, it was messy!) drinking cocktails at the beach, getting my ass kicked at beach tennis, playing crazy golf, catching up with old friends, making new ones and hanging out at Recyclo my favourite café in Málaga. I’ve had a blast, and as a result of painting the town red on too many occasions I’m going on the wagon for the month of September.

OMG, I’m already thinking how I can put some vodka in a celery juice so that my sister doesn’t find out. She is the only person who can look at my face and know instantly that I’m telling a fib.

Anyway, I’m saying goodbye to August and saying: Bring it on September, I’m ready for anything!

Want to get in the mood for a fantastic September? Of course you do!!  So, come on, get your dancing shoes on, start shaking those hips and moving your arms; it’s time for: Grease Lightning.

Finally, a note to the guy I smacked in the face when I did the Grease Lightning moves in Plaza de la Flores: ‘’Please accept my apologies, it wasn’t my intention for your face to make contact with my fist’.

Janette’s August Jukebox: Pop-a-Free Soul Band

Free Soul Band MalagaSo, tomorrow is a National Holiday; it’s about half way through Málaga’s alcohol obsessed 10 day city party and I’m on holiday! I’ve ants in my pants to try out my flamenco moves and shakes, I’m going to jiggle my ass off to one of my favourite performing bands from Malaga, Free Soul Band, and I’m going to avoid cartojal like the plague. If you bump into me on the street, I’d recommend running away!
So, if you want to see Free Soul Band they are playing every day during Fería 2015 from 4 to 6pm in the plaza of flowers. They are soooooooooooooooooooo good; be there or be square!

Warning: the effects of alcohol can cause unusual behaviour!

CartojalMálaga’s August summer fare is all about painting the town red; yes the main objective is to have fun. It’s a time to meet up with friends, make new friends, dance, eat and obviously drink cartojal, ( well not for me as I can’t stand sweet wine) In addition, it’s the time to laugh your pants off at the effects of alcohol.

There are usually 4 categories of behaviour: (British people excluded as we usually just want to hit other people).

  1. Drunk person thinks they are invincible and pretends to have the superhuman power of flight
  2. Drunk person becomes amorous and affectionate. They start to say: ‘I love you’ to everyone and everything, including tables and chairs.
  3. Drunk person, all of a sudden, falls down and then as quickly falls asleep
  4. Drunk person becomes philosophical and starts incoherently blabbing on about the meaning of life.

So, when you’ve had a few too many alcoholic drinks, what are you like? Do you get superhuman powers, do you fall in love, fall asleep or do you become a walking, talking book of philosophy? Unfortunately for my friends, I am prone to do all 4 simultaneously!

LISTENING: The House of the Future

Living Tomorrow: The House of the Future- It’s a steal at 22 million Euros!
house of the futureDespite the fact that I’m not that into technology, I can’t stand wasting time so I really liked the fact that in this house I can order and pay for food from a kitchen smart board, I can immediately find out more information about what I’m eating and I can watch the news and check the weather forecast in an intelligent mirror while I’m brushing my teeth. However, on the other hand, all the cool and high-tech gadgets would just collect dust as I’d rather talk, touch, and smell people than get jiggy with a touch screen. Furthermore, 22 million Euros, are they pulling my leg? I could buy a small island for the same money.

Click here to check out this technology driven house. What are your feelings? Are you a techno-junkie? Or, are you more like me, a techno-avoider?

LISTENING: Is Technology Killing Your Memory?

It is often alleged by experts that we are killing our ability to remember things because we rely too much on technology to find out, process, retain and recall information.Unfortunately, this is true for me, since I started using technological devices to remind me of birthdays, telephone numbers, what food to buy and when I should phone my mother, I don’t remember a thing. I even have my home address saved in my mobile just in case I can’t remember where I live. On the other hand, I always forget to take it out with me.google effect
However, surprisingly, this research study suggests that technology is not frying our memories. Rather, they suggest we are actively choosing NOT TO REMEMBER facts and information, instead, we are choosing to remember where to locate the information if we need it in the future. This is what they call the: Google Effect.

Listen to the video and make up your own mind. Don’t forget you can follow the typescript if you can’t understand a word the narrator is saying.