Fashion Waste: How big is the problem?

What happens to the clothes we don’t buy? You might think that last season’s coats, trousers and turtlenecks end up being put to use, but most of it (nearly 13 million tons each year in the United States alone) ends up in landfills. Fashion has a waste problem, and Amit Kalra wants to fix it. He shares some creative ways the industry can evolve to be more conscientious about the environment — and gain a competitive advantage at the same time. Listen to his Ted Talks presentation to get informed.

The Fashion Industry: An industry based on nonconformity and defiance

Kaustav Deyat leads marketing for Tommy Hilfiger in India.
Deyat, in this Ted Talks, explains how fashion helps us to express who we are, and what we stand for.

”No one thinks twice about a woman wearing blue jeans in New York City — but when Nobel laureate Malala wears them, it’s a political act. Around the globe, individuality can be a crime, and clothing can be a form of protest. In a talk about the power of what we wear, Kaustav Dey examines how fashion gives us a nonverbal language of dissent and encourages us to embrace our authentic selves.”

Clothes and Fashion: Challenge 10

What do women have in their handbags?

In my handbag I usually have the following items:

  1. House keys
  2. Purse
  3. Mobile phone ( although not at the weekends)
  4. Bottle of water
  5. Hair clips
  6. Hair bands
  7. Plasters
  8. Box of aspirin
  9. Safety Pin
  10. Chewing gum
  11. Get out of jail card
  12. Doll of David Beckham ( however, my new favourite player is RAMOS and I want a dolly of him)