Free Soul Band-The Perfect Valentine: 18.02.2017

free-soul-bandIf you want to dance and have fun, then we have what you’re looking for!

On Saturday, 18 February 2017, at 23:30 hours, come and get your groove on with Free Soul Band.

Buy your ticket at the restaurant or by calling 951333131, hurry up to going out!

Social Events: Inglés Málaga Murder Mystery

CSI malagaOMG, there’s been a murder, but who did it?

What was the murder’s motive? Where is the evidence? Which witness is lying and who is telling the truth? How can you catch the criminal and make the evidence stick? Do you have the deductive powers and linguistic abilities to work out the clues and solve the mystery of who done it?

If you think you’ve got what it takes and you want to improve your English skills at the same time, then why not take part in the Inglés Málaga Crime Scene Investigation event ( CSI-Málaga)?

For further information and to apply to be a CSI-Málaga detective please contact Senior Chief CSI Detective Janette O’Carroll

Although you must be quick; it’s a race against time as the criminal is already getting away.

Social Events: Speed Dating with Inglés Málaga

SPEED DATING INGLES MALAGAIt has recently been suggested to me that life is a series of random moments and that for a variety of inexplicable reasons the sum of our existence only comes down to luck and chance. Indeed, the brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking, said: “The universe is just a great casino, where dice are thrown, and roulette wheels spun”. Well, despite the fact that it might be fashionable to believe this, and I’m sure there is some element of truth to it, it seems to me that this is a very lazy and passive way to look at life. I say: ”NO; take control, ‘coge los cojones’ and be responsible for your own destiny”.

With both viewpoints in mind, let’s think about the popular and well-known social event, speed dating, whereby you have three minutes to ask a bunch of questions to a bunch of people so as to make a decision on whether you want to hook up with them again. Is this situation random? Is it the luck of the draw who you meet? Well, perhaps it is, but it isn’t down to luck who you take home.

box of chocolatesObviously, it goes without saying that you might end up with ‘dead wood’ if you ask any of the following questions:

  1. If you had to be an animal, would you be an ant or an anteater?
  2. Do you think it’s better to have two legs with four webbed feet, or to have four legs with two webbed feet?
  3. It is said that if you have a smart phone, then you are only as smart as your phone. Would you agree?
  4. According to the popular film character Forest Gump, ‘life is a like a box of chocolates’. So, are you a strawberry delight, or a chocolate toffee finger?

However, if, like me, you think that the three most important things in life are money, sex and power, it’s obvious that you only need to ask three questions to find your perfect match. So, in light of this, and being in charge of my life, if I went to a speed dating event, I would ask the following:

  1. How much do you earn?
  2. What is your shoe size?
  3. I know your name is Pepé de Ronda, but would you mind it if I called you George Clooney?

So, if you went speed dating, what three questions would you ask? And,  if you want to take part in an Inglés Málaga speed dating event, then email me for more information. Janette O’Carroll

And finally, last but not least, is life just a series of random events and moments, or, do you already know that you’re a coconut éclair?

Social Events: Wine Tasting

wine tastingIf you are keen on drinking wine, then I’m sure you have been to lots of wine tasting events. Indeed, this is one of the things I did to celebrate my last birthday at a relatively new vineyard in Ronda.
According to experts, you should do this: ‘See, Sniff, Sip, Summarise’. Unfortunately, as most of the wines were undrinkable, I did this: Sniff, Drink, Swallow, Spit, Wipe my tongue. Having said that, it was definitely worth the money as my mate, who could drink paint thinner if it were poured into a wine glass, drank full glasses of all the 9 varieties we tried.
So, if drinking wine is up your street, then if I were in your shoes, I would definitely go to one of these events as it’s a great way to meet new people, get to know about the process of wine making and laugh your pants off at the different reactions people have when they taste the same flavours. As I said, my face looked like I was sucking an acidic lemon for at least 2 hours, while my friend looked as if he was on cloud 9.
Finally, if you want to look like a pro when you’re tasting wine, watch this short video and improve your English at the same time.

Music Events: Geckgo

geckgoA gecko is a small green lizard that can’t blink but can lick its own eyes to keep them clean! I bet you wish you could do that!

However, GeckGo is a UK music event which fits me like a glove because it mixes the ultimate in extreme sports experiences with live music; additionally it’s as cheap as chips!
So, if you’re an adrenalin junkie or a music lover you can party until the sun comes up with different bands headlining the main stage and after a few hours of shuteye you can try your hand at abseiling, rock climbing, pot holing, mountain biking or even get a chance to skydive!

Whatever your passion you can realise it at GeckGo Fest!

Music Events: The Proms

The promsUnfortunately, it is often believed that classical music is only for old people or highbrowed posh people. The truth is, classical music is for everyone; young and old, rich and poor, black or white, and there is no better place to soak up the wonder of a full orchestra than at The Proms.

This event is an annual, eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts, predominantly played in the majestic Royal Albert Hall in London. It was founded in 1895 and in the context of classical events it is widely considered to be the world’s largest and most democratic musical extravaganza of all time.

Finally, if you think you’re too cool for this event, think on, even the ‘badass’ rapper P Diddy is well known for shaking his ‘tail feathers’ down at The Proms. So, get in the mood by watching some highlights broadcast by The BBC.

Music Events: Glastonbury

GlastonburyIf you’re a music lover, then the only place to be mid-June is at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Whatever your musical tastes you will never go hungry because there are over 30 different areas showcasing musical genres from dance to trance, electronic pop to jazz, and even reggae to rock. However, if classical music is more ‘up your street’, don’t worry, you will also be able to soak up the wonder of a full orchestra.
Glastonbury is the most well-known live outdoor music festival in the UK and if you have to run down a granny to get a ticket, I suggest you do that and suffer the legal charges when you return. Indeed, I wouldn’t turn up for my own wedding if I could get my hands on one. Despite the fact I’m a city gal, I would willingly exchange my high heels for a pair of wellington boots and give up 5 star accommodation for a tent and sleeping bag at this event.
glastonbury signFinally, if you’re a little worried that all this self-indulgence isn’t good for the soul, fear not, the festival organisers always donate a large sum of money to local and national charities. So, buy your ticket today and sleep easy tonight knowing that the world will be a better place because you, like me, know that music is by far the most important thing in life!

Still not convinced? Ok, check out the highlights from the BBC, but be careful, I’ve just wasted 4 hours of my precious life hooked on youtube videos.

Finally, according to many people the best thing in life is to be young and in love; but I say, better to be young and at Glastonbury – let the Glastonbury good times roll!

Events for Charities: World AIDS Day–Prevent HIV and Aids

World Aids DayWorld AIDS Day is held on the 1st of December each year and it’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support and understanding for people living with HIV and finally, and as importantly, to commemorate people who have died from this disease.

Furthermore, according to a recent study by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) 37.9% of the reported 26,204 people diagnosed with HIV in Western Europe in 2011 acquired HIV through heterosexual contact. With this horrific statistic in mind, please remember, education and prevention save lives, so if you’re sexually active, use a condom.

Finally, think about what the multinational company Apple said:

‘Every generation is known for something – let’s be the one to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION’

Events for Charities: The Charity Bake off – Bake to Break Global Poverty

vso cake bake offSo, perhaps you want to support a charity but all that running, climbing, cycling or jumping out of planes puts you off. Well, have you ever thought about volunteering your time, or sharing your skills and knowledge by working abroad? Ok, I understand, for many people this just isn’t an option. So, why not bake a cake, a cupcake or even a muffin– who in their right mind doesn’t love eating cakes and buns? In fact, last year the international charity Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) held a Bake Off Event to fundraise in order to support their vision of a world without poverty.

If you want a challenge and an experience of a lifetime, then jump out of your comfort zone and check out how you can get involved with VSO. Indeed, volunteering overseas has always been a pipe dream of mine and hopefully one day I’ll get off my ass and do it.

banana cakeOr perhaps, you just want to bake a cake to give to Janette! Perfect, please bake me a banana cake – here’s a video to help you improve your English skills and your knowledge of baking.

Events for Charities: Race for Life – Beat Cancer

carrera_mujerRace for Life is the UK’s biggest women-only charity fundraising event. It brings together women and girls from all over the UK to walk, jog or run 5 or 10 kilometers to raise money in order to:

  1. Increase awareness about cancer
  2. Support cancer research
  3. Help cancer patients and their families
  4. Subsidise clinical trials
  5. Support preventative measures
  6. Lobby governments and politicians

race for life bristolMy sister and some of her godchildren participate in this event every year. However, you don’t have to go all the way to the UK to get involved because Spain has its own version:’ Carrera de la Mujer Contra el Cáncer’. Consequently, if you want to take part in Málaga’s own Race for Life event and take action to beat cancer, then keep an eye out for the dates.