Ordering a coffee is too stressful!

coffee cultureOk, I get that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I also know that companies who give their customers a bespoke and personalised service survive longer than those who use a ‘one size fits all’ model! However, when it takes 30 minutes to order a cup of coffee and your brain is fried trying to understand what the difference is between an espresso, a macchiato, a pour over, a blend, a flat white and a frappe-cappa-cristiano-ronaldo surely you have to think: ‘OMG, life is too short for all these choices!’

Despite being a caffeine addict, I have to say that modern-day coffee drinking culture is really getting on my nerves. Thankfully, I’ve worked out that my taste in coffee is a ‘macchiato’ but now I have to listen to this: ‘’ Would you like your macchiato with full-fat, semi-skimmed, fat-free milk from a cow or a goat or a sheep, or perhaps you are lactose intolerant?’’ And, if that wasn’t enough, I’m now being asked if I want a picture of a dove, a flower, a heart or a giraffe on the top of my coffee.  Seriously, I want to drink it, not decorate my flat with it.

No, no and absolutely no! I’ve finally ‘lost the will to live’ and I’m changing my drinking habits. It seems to me that ordering a yummy vodka tonic takes less time and it gives you the same ‘hit’ as a coffee.  So from now on, I’m saying no to coffee and yes to vodka!


Adjectives to describe feelings:

Emotions and feelings are complex, and we have a lot of vocabulary to describe how we are feeling.  It is often difficult to remember new vocabulary so try to connect the words to situations that mean something to you.  We are more likely to remember things that are personal, than things that we can’t connect to our lives.

Don’t forget to learn verb preposition collocations.

feelings and prepositions

To have ants in your pants

To have ants in your pants!  –  Tener hormigas en los pantalones

ants-in-pantsWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To be super, super, super excited’

Ok, I serioulsy have ants in my pants.  My friends are flying into Málaga and we have a rock ‘n’ roll getaway planned: there will be cycling,  rock climbing, jacuzzi, hip wiggling to live music and definitely a lot of eating and drinking and perhaps some falling over. And, luckily for me, none of my friends are keen on shopping or cooking.  So, what’s in my suitcase?  Credit card, aspirin, aspirin, aspirin, vitamins and a bottle of wine for the journey.  Perfect, I’m in 7th  heaven!

To be on cloud 9

To be on cloud 9  – Estar en la nube 9

be on cloud 9What does this idiom mean? ‘To feel joy and happiness’

Ok, the summer of 2014 wasn’t great for me: Spain and England were dumped out of the World Cup; my best friend moved out of Málaga and George Clooney got married. Yes, personally speaking, the summer of 2014 was a complete disaster.

However, I’m now feeling all ‘loved-up’ and joyful.  Yep, I’m on cloud 9!  Although, the cherry on the cake is that I have got one of these tickets.Carmina Burana Carmina Burana is simply one of the best choral pieces you will ever hear, and even if you think classical music is as dull as dishwater, I am sure you would enjoy this. You can not help feeling amazed by the sheer brilliance of the human voice!  In my book, choirs ‘rock the house’!

To be sick to the back teeth

To be sick to the back teeth!  –  Estar enfermo para los dientes posteriores

sick to the back teethWhat does this idiom mean? ‘A person is annoyed or angry about a situation or the behaviour of a person’

At the moment, I’m sick to the back teeth of rubbish buskers, being woken up at 3 am and junk mail in my postbox! What are you sick to the back teeth of?

To be as cool as a cucumber

To be as cool as a cucumber!  –  Ser tan fresco como una pepino

keep-calm-be-cool-as-a-cucumberWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To be relaxed in stressful situations’

Are you as cool as a cucumber?  Or in stressful situations do you freak out like me? In fact, this week I have lost my cool, not once but twice.  Definitely time to change the medication!

I am Head over Heels in Love with Málaga

sexohhh_logoI am over the moon because someone has found the Inglés Málaga website by typing into google: ‘Online sex shops in Málaga’. Can you believe it?!

OMG, I’m on cloud 9! Indeed, I am tickled pink! Oh noooooo…. ,now I’m wondering was it me who typed that? Urrrrrrr, No, definitely NOT!  I’m British!
Curiously, my word of the week is: to cheer up and despite the fact I’m still under the weather this has cheered me up a lot!

Yep, what do I keep saying: ”Sex, Power and Money are by far the three most important things in life” So, today, although I have a runny nose and a sexy husky voice, I am feeling all loved up! It’s true, I’m head over heels in love with Málaga!

To be down in the dumps

down in the dumpsTo be down in the dumps is a common idiom used to describe a negative emotion. We use this idiom when we are feeling a little depressed, gloomy or sad. Indeed, this weekend, I’ve been feeling very down in the dumps because my best friend is moving to Barcelona.

What am I going to do without my partner in crime? I feel like a fish out of water

Yep, that’s right, I’m going to cry like a baby for months and I’m going to start booking weekend return flights with some dodgy no-frills airline company.

OMG, I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo down in the dumps! Even the fact that Málaga beat Granada this weekend didn’t bring a smile to my face. I know; I am pathetic!


incredible synonyms

It has recently been suggested to me that life is becoming more INCREDIBLE. As a result of still being in post-holiday bliss and the recent owner of another sexy Apple gadget I instantly agreed. However, after a few too many glasses of red wine and a vodka chaser, I pondered more on this matter and thought, actually, what did he mean?

Is it that life is A: ‘more impossible to believe’, or B: ‘more wonderful’. And, is one definition negative and the other positive? OMG, I know – too much thinking!
Anyway, when faced with a dilemma of this magnitude, I always think it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons by writing a list. (On the other hand, it’s true; one could always save time and consult the font of all knowledge and wisdom: ‘Wikipedia’ for the answers,) but to cut to the chase, this is what I came up with:

Life is Incredible
So I ask YOU:
1, Is it true that life is more INCREDIBLE?
2, What 5 things would you say are impossible to believe and what 5 things would you say are wonderful?

Adele: Someone Like You

adele someone like you Adele sings a beautiful ballad about the bitter sweet  taste of falling in and out of love.

Check it out and improve your listening comprehension, and your knowledge of phrasal verbs in context:

I heard that you’re settled down, that you’ve found a girl and that you’re married now

Click here for the track and lyrics: