I can’t stand cooking. I can’t bear washing up

I can't bear cookingLots of people take up cookery classes, and, it is said that cooking helps people chill out.  However, I say, cooking is a pain in the ass – it’s an evil necessity, and I personally, can’t stand it, what I mean is, I dislike it intensely.

In fact,  4 years ago, someone showed me how to make lasagna and despite the fact that I’m smiling, I felt stressed, and completely out of my comfort zone. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, for instance, I’m very keen on eating, but I can’t stand cooking, chopping, boiling, frying, baking, squeezing, grating, mixing or washing up.

How about you? What are your pet hates?

To be keen on doing something

Keen on Cake
I’m keen on cake. Don’t touch my cake. IT’S MINE!!!

To be keen on doing something is a common expression that means you like something or someone, or you like doing something. For example:’ I’m keen on Brad Pitt.  I’m keen on carrot cake.  I’m keen on watching football.  You can also use this expression in the negative:  I’m not keen on chocolate ice cream.  I’m not keen on rollerblading.