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The future of marriage: The BBC 6 minute podcast

Why are fewer UK opposite-sex couples getting married? Listen to the BBC 6 minute podcast and learn more about this topic.


The British Way: How to make a complaint!

Nikki Big BrotherControversially, Nikki is considered to be, by far, one of the most entertaining British Big Brother TV contestants.

She is well known for her furious Diary Room rants and her daily battles with the other housemates.

Watch this video to find out how she complains to Big Brother about the lack of heating in the house and try to hear what words she uses to say that she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold. It´s hilarious and I love her!

The British Jamie Oliver Way: How to poach an egg!

perfect poached eggsOK, forget fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, baked eggs, sunny-side up eggs, Jamie Oliver, the well-known British Chef, explains how to make the perfect poached egg.

The British Way: How to make a cup of tea!

making a cup of teaSeriously, someone is pulling my leg.

Is it possible that we need an instructional video to show us how to make a cup of tea? Well, perhaps the answer is yes.

So, if you’ve never made a cup of tea before, here’s a simple 5 step video to help you learn the skills and key vocabulary. The main verbs include the following: To fill, To stir, To add, To boil, To brew, To remove. Good luck! Oh, and if you don’t have a kettle, you might be in trouble!

Food for Halloween!

As many of you know I have a sweet tooth, so as Halloween is around the corner it´s time to try some spooky recipes:

  1. Spooky biscuits
  2. Pumpkin Pie
  3. Halloween cupcakes



Easter quiz

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Can you name 5 different ways to cook eggs?  My favourite are poached or boiled; although, I would prefer to drink vodka and eat chocolate. How about you?

Easter quiz

What are they?

April Fool: The smelly telly!

In 1964, the BBC said it had invented a method of transmitting different odors through TV screens. It said it was in the trial stages and wanted people to smell their TV screens while they watched different programmes. They then had to phone the BBC to say what they had smelled. Lots of people from all over the UK phoned the BBC and said they could smell roses, spinach, potatoes, fish, lamb chops, smashed potatoes with a hint of mint………… IT’S RIDICULOUS!!

How is it possible that a nation that invented the: magnifying glass, the adjustable spanner, Wallace and Gromit, the rubber band, Meccano, the vacuum cleaner and David Beckham, COULD BE THAT STUPID?!

OK, so I know that we also invented the Sinclair C5 (again, what were they thinking!?) A car with a maximum speed of 15 miles an hour, OMG, I can walk backwards faster than that, the only words that come to my mind are these: ”You are fired.”

April Fool: Diet Water

In 2004 a Television Channel broadcast a story that informed the general public that a local water company had invented some ‘diet tap water’ and that anyone could get it if they phoned the company and asked for a special tap to be attached to their existing kitchen sink.

The news story also stated that it had tested this ‘diet water’ on one person and in 4 months they had lost 12 kilos.

I am ashamed to tell you that this April Fool was broadcast in my home county of Yorkshire and 10,000 people phoned the company to ask for the special tap with diet water.

TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE, TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE, NO, I am not pulling your leg, in Yorkshire we really are that stupid.

Have you had an April Fool played on you? If so, tell us what happened?

April Fool´s Day

April Fool’s Day is a day when people play tricks and pranks on each other.  In the UK it is celebrated on the 1st of April, in Spain, a similar event happens on the 28th of December.

Indeed, I thought Brexit was an April Fool, and I thought voting for Donald Trump was an April Fool. However, it seems that I am the fool!