Janette’s August Jukebox: Pop-a-Free Soul Band

Free Soul Band MalagaSo, tomorrow is a National Holiday; it’s about half way through Málaga’s alcohol obsessed 10 day city party and I’m on holiday! I’ve ants in my pants to try out my flamenco moves and shakes, I’m going to jiggle my ass off to one of my favourite performing bands from Malaga, Free Soul Band, and I’m going to avoid cartojal like the plague. If you bump into me on the street, I’d recommend running away!
So, if you want to see Free Soul Band they are playing every day during Fería 2015 from 4 to 6pm in the plaza of flowers. They are soooooooooooooooooooo good; be there or be square!

Janette’s August Jukebox: Pop-a-Flamenco!

pablo alboranWhat are you talking about: you’d rather watch paint dry than listen to Pharrel Williams!

Seriously, I’ve got a difficult crowd to please. So, how about moving from one ‘happy clappy’ sound to another ‘clappy’ tune? Moreover, I have chosen a tune from one of our own home-grown talents and it’s my way of saying to Málaga: ‘’Viva Malaga, Viva La Fería– go and paint the town red!’
Finally, last week a gorgeous client taught me how to dance Sevillanas: Pick the apple, eat the apple, and throw away the apple. So yes, I’m completely prepared and you will be if you want to dance like Pablo Alborán.

Janette’s August Jukebox: Pop-athon

happy pwSo, you’re sick to the back teeth of my chilled-out tunes. Seriously, without a shadow of a doubt I have to say that the general response has been very, very negative!
Ok, Janette’s August jukebox is taking a new direction; I’m going ‘commercial’.  So, let’s start with some mainstream pop music and bring out Pharrell Williams and his catchy tune: Happy. Now, if you aren’t clapping along to this tune, you really do need to take some happy pills!

Janette’s August Jukebox: Laid-back tune

JazzmatazzJanette’s Jukebox: Laid-back tune

What do you mean, Nightmare on Wax is a load of old rubbish? Ok, let’s try again.  Well, despite the fact that I’d rather have root canal than listen to jazz, it has to be said that I’m nuts about this jazz, hip hop mix.

So Inglés Málaga community, lay back, kick your shoes off and mellow out to this laid-back tune!
Listen to: Guru ‘ Loungin’


Janette’s August Jukebox: Recharge your batteries

Nightmare on waxJanette’s Jukebox: Chill Out

Ok, so Belleruche isn’t your cup of tea!  Thanks for the critical feedback; I’ll keep this love affair all to myself!

So, how about this idea: It is often said that love can be one of the most painful emotions and yet despite this controversial truth, for me, the feeling; the feeling, is always, always about love. With this in mind, recharge your batteries with Nightmare On Wax: ‘Da Feelin’