Film Challenge: Watch 12 best films ever made based on a book

film genresSo, my brother gave me this challenge as part of my list of resolutions. Obviously, I’m over the moon with this challenge, I can be a couch potato and at the same time feel like I’m achieving one of my goals. So, the problem is that we can’t agree on which films I have to watch.
The genres of the films are as follows:

  1. Best Thriller
  2. Best Sci-Fi
  3. Best Chick Flick – Romantic Comedy
  4. Best Horror
  5. Best Documentary
  6. Best Action
  7. Best Adventure
  8. Best Drama
  9. Best War
  10. Best Musical ( seriously?!)
  11. Best Gangster
  12. Best Animation

Right, let me know what I should watch and I’ll put the popcorn on and find the corkscrew. Finally, I know a lot of you are film buffs so don’t be shy, all suggestions are welcome.

Party Challenge: Organise family event

Family PartyEvery 2 years my extended family and our friends get together for a summer garden party. The party usually has a theme, involves a lot of daft games, an excess of alcohol and enough junk food to feed the entire village. So far, we’ve had the Olympics, the Football World Cup and the World Croquet Tournament. Much to my disgust, I’ve never been on the winning team and it’s very, very, very important to me that this year I can hold up the O’Carroll trophy with my team mates.

So, I need some ideas for a theme. What do you reckon is a good party theme for about 70 people with an age range from 1 to 90?

It’s a challenge – It’s a mystery!

mystery presentsBy far, the biggest challenge I have had this festive holiday is trying to work out what these things are that I found in my Christmas stocking.  The problem is that the instructions on how to use them are in Japanese.   So, I know that the ball takes 3 batteries and the yellow bear has a pink pig sister, but other than that, I haven’t got a clue!  Any ideas?

50 things to do before you die: take part in a triathlon

triathlonA triathlon is a sports event which involves 3 continuous and sequential disciplines. Modern-day triathlons are swim/bike/run events that are done in that order.

Taking part in a triathlon has been on my bucket list for at least 3 years and so far, I’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for it. Firstly, I don’t own a bike and secondly, when I jump in the water, I sink like a stone which isn’t conducive for competing in an event like this, neither surviving! chatsworth houseTo add insult to injury, my elder sister has successfully completed two triathlons and my brother is attempting his first in June, with an outdoor swim, in the beautiful location of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.  As an aside, if you like classic novels, Chatsworth House, is mentioned in Jane Austin’s romantic book, Pride and Prejudice.

So, the O’Carrolls are a competitive family and at the moment I’m at the bottom of the rubbish tip.  So, please give me some advice on how I can prepare for a triathlon and if you would like to train with me, then let me know when we are going to start.

On a final note, a lot of people want to complete a marathon before they die, but I think that running a marathon would definitely kill me! Not to mention an iron man competition!