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Unemployment statistics do not show the real truth!

working contractsAlthough, statistically speaking, the UK has the lowest unemployment rate (5.8%) in the last 6 years, what actually does this really mean?  Well, according to these researchers, absolutely nothing good! If you have enthusiasm, you can read the full article here.




The must follow official exam websites

The following websites will help you to prepare for official Cambridge and EOI exams.

  1. Cambridge English Assessment A2, B1, C1, C2: Review only the language disciplines you are interested in
  2. Cambridge Exams B1, B2, C1, C2: Subscribe for weekly updates and quick language testing exercises with Flo-Joe.
  3. Cambridge CAE: C1: CAE Online Resource Directory:CAE Online Resource Directory
  4. Cambridge Internet TV
  5. EOI Writing
  6. EOI Speaking

English Language Experts: Useful websites for general improvement

The websites you should consider signing up to:

The following links will help improve your general comprehension, as well as strengthen your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

  1. English as a Second Language: Learn something new every day: sign up for daily emails on everything related to improving your English level:ESL Daily Emails
  2. Splendid Speaking: This resource is great for Intermediate –  Advanced learners. Sign up for weekly challenges.
  3. The Conversation: If you are an advanced learner, then this website is a must. The topics are inspirational and it´s easy to  improve your vocabulary, and review grammatical structures and phrases in context.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line

Join the European Researchers’ Night! Discover science, meet researchers, and enjoy yourself!

Unfortunately, science still has a reputation for being a specialism for nerdy academic types, who are socially awkward but intellectually gifted.  It´s a field, which disgracefully, is heavily dominated by men, and because the findings of research are never immediate, it is worryingly underfunded and undervalued from both the private and public sectors. In light of this, why not take your family and friends to the European Researchers´ Night on Friday the 29th of September and become a scientist for a day?  Science is for everyone, science rocks!

The 3 Wise Men say: ”English skills open doors in 2017!”

aprende-ingles-malagaStart English classes in January 2017 with Inglés Málaga and put your best foot forward. Inglés Málaga isn’t an academy which means all classes are custom designed for you. Stand out from the crowd in 2017

You can study by yourself or save money and bring  friends or work mates. For more information check out our courses.