To drink up

wat-aah-drinkupTo drink up is a phrasal verb used to express the idea of drinking the very last drop of a drink.

For example, because my brother is very talkative, indeed he’s a complete chatterbox or as they say in Yorkshire, a chatty catty, I’m always asking him to drink up so I can order another round of drinks at the bar. Interestingly, my mother never has this problem with wine as she’s usually drunk up before anyone has even taken their first sip. What an alcoholic!

To get away

getaway hen partyTo get away is a phrasal verb which means to escape, to break free or to leave. 

It can be used in the context of taking a trip or a holiday as well as the idea of escaping or fleeing something or somebody. 

For example, a lot of people get away at Christmas time to visit their relatives in different cities or different countries.  Indeed, I’m getting away during the festive season.

Getaway EscapeAnd, despite the fact that James Bond, 007, often gets caught by the baddies, he always manages to get away in order to save the plant and the girl!

By the way, getaway is a noun, which means a trip or a holiday.  For example, two weekends ago I went on an adventure getaway to Tarifa.

WRITING ACTIVITY THREE: An Oscar Acceptance Speech

kateThe Oscars are one of the most prestigious awards for people who work both on screen and behind the camera.

We all have our favourite actors, actresses and celebrities, but do we know the people who make it all happen. The producers, the directors, the sound recordists, the camera operators, the stunt men and women, the interpreters, the lighting directors, the writers……. etc. Unfortunately, for many of us the answer is no.
The Oscar’s aren’t really my cup of tea as I’m not that keen on fashion, neither listening to the stars thanking their parents, husbands, wives and children for their patience and support. Not to mention the crying and boo hoo hoo-ing; why do they all blubber so much?

If I were in their shoes, I would be jumping for joy, shouting: ‘I am a WINNER – GIVE ME THE STATUE’.

So, imagine you are the best; you are brilliant and you have just won an Oscar. What would you write in your acceptance speech?

Do you need inspiration? Ok, no problem, check out what Forrest Whittaker said when he won Best Actor in a Leading Role for The King of Scotland. Click here.

To fall for

Its-Easy-to-fall-For-SomeoneTo fall for is a phrasal verb with two main meanings. It can be used when a person is deceived by something. For example, I’m a little naïve and I often fall for tricks my friends play on me.

In addition, it can be used to describe the emotion of being in love. For example, I first fell for Mr George Clooney when I saw him on the hit TV series, ER, and now I fall for him every time I see him in a film or on a commercial.

Seriously, man, woman or vegetable, who can’t fall for those dreamy eyes, that silky voice and his masculine sophistication. As they say in The States, ‘it’s a no-brainer’. I know, I’m so predictable!

LISTENING ACTIVITY THREE: An Interview with a film director

Film DirectorXiaolu Guo is a young and highly-successful Chinese writer and film-maker.

Click here to listen to a short interview in which she talks about learning English, and how she had fun trying to find the right kind of English for a character in her best-selling novel, A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers.

Are you worried about not understanding everything? No problem, the typescript is provided to help you improve your listening comprehension.

FOR SALE: Garden Furniture, House Furniture, Rowing Machine


For sale is a common phrase in the classified section of a newspaper or magazine. Now, a friend of mine is selling some of his furniture and a rowing machine, pictures below.  If you are interested in any of it, please email him directly for prices and further information.  His name is Tom and his email is:

garden furniturechestsrowing machine

READING CHALLENGE FOUR: Film Genres: Navel-Gazers

tree of lifeI can’t stand predictable plots or films that are ‘navel gazing’. In my opinion the critically acclaimed film The Tree of Life was a navel gazer. I spent the entire 2 hours asking my mate when the film was going to start and at the same time thinking about how long it takes paint to dry.

Unfortunately my mate was far too busy trying to find all the popcorn he had dropped on his pants to worry about the film. The other 2 cinema goers were snoring on the front row. Hardly evidence for a satisfied audience! I’m sorry, I know I know nothing about films or life in general, but The Tree of Life, Brad Pitt or no Brad Pitt is just CRAP! I’m sure I’ll get letters, possibly my deportation papers but I don’t care, I can take it.

If you’ve seen it, what was with the dinosaurs? The dinosaurs are hardly role models for a better way of life, I mean come on, they are EXTINCT, KAPUT, NO MORE. Mr Profound Director, which part of ‘they didn’t make it’ don’t you get?!

If you want to know what I think about Science Fiction films, then click here