Fruity friday stand up comedy: What does ‘ass’ mean?

Finnish comedian Isso,  explains some of the challenges that we face when we are learning a new language.  Isso explains the difficulty of getting his around the word: ass.

So, what did I learn from watching this video? Well, I learnt: If you don´t get this video, then you are a dumbass.  And, on the reverse, if you do get this video, then you are a badass.  Perfect, I get this video, so I am a badass.

Speaking and communicating in English: What a nightmare!

Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills in a relaxed way? If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions with Janette might be just what you are looking for.

The Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions are small group classes that are focused on improving your ability to have a conversation and express your ideas with fluency, accuracy and confidence.  They are not focused on preparing for exams, memorizing verb conjugations like a parrot, nor using acronyms and other confusing bits and bobs of the alphabet: LOL, WTF, KYS, OMW!!

If you want more information about the Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions, drop me a line and I´ll fill you in on the details.

50 things to do before you die: go to a classical concert

orchestraI come from a family of music lovers; my granny was a concert pianist and my great-grandfather a conductor and composer. Consequently, I was introduced to the joys of classical music when I was very young and although in my teens and early twenties I rebelled against this sound and preferred to listen to pop, rock and indie I fell back in love with classical music when I lived with my brother who is nuts about it.

The first concert he took me to was a concert by a well-known British composer, Edward Elgar, and I have to say that I listen to a part of this orchestral work at least once a month. My favourite part is called ‘Nimrod’ and if you want to check it out, then please click here.

Getting back to the point, if you haven’t been to a classical concert with a full orchestra, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Moreover, if you do go, try to close your eyes when you are listening so you can really concentrate on the beauty of the sound rather than thinking about the musicians or the musical instruments. Finally, in Málaga, this is an easy goal to achieve as there are tons of places that offer classical music concerts.