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Nine of world’s biggest fishing firms sign up to protect oceans

The Guardian reports: ”Nine of the world’s biggest fishing companies have signed up to protect the world’s oceans, pledging to help stamp out illegal activities, including the use of slave labour, and prevent overfishing.”

Read the full news resport here.


Happy International Women’s Day!

international-womens-day-2015Today is a day to celebrate all women and to remember the unfortunate fact that there are regrettably a lot of countries where women still don’t have financial independence; they don’t have the right to vote, to drive, to file for divorce and many who live in constant fear for their lives. Gender equality has a long way to go but today I am celebrating and raising a glass to all the women and men who came before me, and the women and men ahead of me who have devoted their lives to ensure that I can do what I want, when I want. It’s time to say a huge thank you!

The BBC´s 100 women.