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Modal Verbs


Language Functions: Modal Verb Should

Language Functions ShouldIf you want to check out more language pins to review the basics or learn something new, then why not check out the Inglés Málaga pin it board?


What / How about going to see a band?


Giving presents: the 3 wise men arrive in town

I woke up this morning and thought fantastic, it’s the day before The Day of the 3 Wise Men which means 2 things:

Firstly, I can go and see a parade, steal sweets from defenceless children and hopefully grab some toys thrown by the  3 Wise Men

 1967 Aston MartinSecondly, I have another opportunity to receive my 1967 Aston Martin Volante.  Father Christmas obviously didn’t think I had been a good girl as I only received the following gifts from him: 1, some aspirin. 2, a cat toy (????). 3, a pencil sharpener. 4, a rubber. 5, 10 chocolates and 6, a pair of Leeds United football socks.  So, my last hopes are with the very wise, wise, wise men.  My fingers and toes are crossed, I have touched wood, and I have thrown salt over my left shoulder. I am positive that my car will be parked outside of my flat tomorrow morning and I am overcome with excitement.

Good luck everyone, I hope you receive more than a lump of coal, a kiss on the cheek or some empty wrapping paper ( a favourite trick of my sister!).


Cambridge English Exams Málaga: Yes I can; yes I can; yes I can! Or, can I?

Ingles Malaga Speaking Listening Exercise 2015
”Too much grammar and not enough listening or speaking practice.’‘ Does this sound familiar to you?
No problem, why not join the 120 Workout?
”Well, that’s an interesting idea, but what is the 120 Workout?”
For more information, click on: 120 Workout.