What’s your ideal holiday?

Good god, what a question?!

So many countries to go to, so many places to explore, so many people to meet, so much food to turn my nose up at!  The world is huge, and yet small all at the same time.  Seriously, there is no dress rehearsal to life, so go and buy a world map and take some time out of your busy schedule to think about where you would love to make a footprint!

sri lankaIndeed, my sister and I are talking about going to Sri Lanka and the south of India.  We would like to try and cycle through Sri Lanka and get a boat over to India.  However, I’m not really sure the Tamil Tigers would like our company and as I’ve already been to Sri Lanka, I know that it’s very, very hilly and as the most common crop in Sri Lanka is tea I know this substance  isn’t going to get my ass up any hill!

Anyway, what would your ideal trip be? This is what some people in London said when they were asked the same question.


50 things to do before you die: go on a road trip

Some people spend their life looking for the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect lover, or even the most amazing pair of Jimmy Choo high-heel shoes, but I say: forget all that stuff, throw some clothes in a backpack, buckle your seat belt, pick up some mates and go out and find the DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE.
By the way, my image of this road trip is in a 1963 Aston Martin convertible. Consequently, this is probably the main reason why I haven’t fulfilled this ambition yet. However, I’m not going to do it in a Renault Clio, neither a Ford Fiesta.
Ok, where are you going to drive?
route 66Perhaps, the well-known Route 66 from Illinois to California, or the Trans-Andean highway from Chile to Argentina, which coincidently, is said to have more thrills than an attraction park! Not sure; need some inspiration?

red hot chilli peppersOr perhaps, you just want to listen to one of my favourite Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs: ‘Road Trippin’. Ok, please don’t write in to tell me that the song isn’t  about a road trip because I know that it is well accepted that the lyrics are about the band ‘getting off their faces’ with illegal drugs and possibly a few mushrooms.