Boy, 4, died alone in Hackney flat two weeks after his mother’s death

This has to be one of the most raw and painful news stories that I have read in a long time.  How can this happen?

The Guardian newspaper runs the story: ”Coroner calls for changes in how schools treat cases of absent children following tragic death of Chadrack Mulo. A four-year-old boy, who was unable to call for help or feed himself, starved to death two weeks after his mother collapsed and died suddenly in the flat they shared, a coroner has said. Chadrack Mulo was found clinging to his mother’s body about two days after his own death.”

If you want to read more details about the story, check out the full report here.

Madrid tackles ‘el manspreading’ on public transport with new signs

The British newspaper, The Guardian, have been following the growing problem of El Manspreading:

Transport authorities in the Spanish capital want to encourage men to respect boundaries on bus seats and keep legs closed.”

Really, seriously, are you pulling my leg?!  In the great scheme of things, does anyone really care?  I for one, have more important things to worry about than a geezer´s knees.  OMG, get a grip!

If you want to read more, check out the full report here.

To be held up

To be held up means to be delayed or detained.

For example: The plane was held up by bad weather. Or, I was held up by heavy traffic.

Britain is not prepared for soft target attacks – but can it ever be?

”As Britain absorbs the latest terror attack in London, many people will be wondering what has gone wrong, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent similar incidents reoccurring. These are all reasonable questions – but the challenges faced by the authorities are immense.” says  The Conversation.  Read more..

Growing use of smart drugs by students could be a recipe for disaster

The Conversation reports on the growing use of taking ‘smart drugs’ to cope with the pressure of exams.  So, is this a problem? Well, according to Simon Cotton, a senior researcher at The University of Birmingham, the answer is yes.

If you want to read more about the risks and the long-term effects of pill popping, check out the full article. 

Refugees welcome? How UK and Sweden compare on education for young migrants

Mahatma Gandhi said: “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”  So,  how does the UK fare against this barometer?  In a nutshell, the simple answer is: disgracefully. 

Read about how, The UK, the world´s fifth richest economy welcomes, or does not welcome refugees. The findings of this piece of research makes my soul hurt.

Looking at buildings can actually give people headaches – here’s how

As a city girl, under no circumstances would I move to the countryside; there is just too much nature in the countryside.  However, have you ever considered the alleged fact that looking at buildings can be bad for your health?  No, you´ve never considered it.  Well, neither had I until I read a thought-provoking scientific article on the brilliant online publication: The ConversationCheck it out here.


To pull out of something

To pull out of something is a  phrasal verb which means to leave or no longer be involved in something. For example, Donald Trump, the arrogant, self-centred, mentally challenged narcissist, has just announced his intention to pull The USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Perhaps as compensation, he is going to drastically curtail the amount of ´hot toxic air´that comes out of his mouth and assIf you want to read what the experts say about the consequences of this decision, check out the editorial in The Conversation.


Jukebox Friday: Summer Chill-Out!

So, the summer vibe is palpable in the streets of Málaga and I´m already creating my beach soundtrack.  My bikini is dust-free, my flip flops are ready to take a stroll and my suntan lotion is in my beach bag.

In fact, if I were in your shoes, I would check out this amazing new band.  For me, FKJ are going to be the chill-out group of summer 2017. Recharge your batteries by listening to FKJ

150 million euros invested in the renovation of hotels in Torremolinos

Sur in English report about the recent revitalisation of Torremolinos: The hotel sector of Torremolinos has invested more than 150 million euros in reforms and improvements to several of its key hotels.  Read more