Introductions – Who are you?

Lesson Plan Overview:

Introductions – Who are you? uses the internationally recognised Big Brother reality TV show as the backstory for encouraging learners to talk about themselves. Participants/learners develop the target language by taking part in a series of casting interviews in order to enter the Big Brother house.

Mission Aims

  1. To  get access to a special house
  2. To understand and follow instructions

Training Challenges:

  1. Express ideas about personal information
  2. Develop interview questions
  3. Talk about yourself and interview others
  4. Interview and introduce others

Target Language:

  1. Structures to ask and answer questions
  2. Expressions and phrases to describe who you are

Perfect for:

  1. Adults and business professionals with B1+ English level
  2. In-company, groups, pairs and (1-to-1 with adjustments)
  3. Online and physical learning environments
  4. All business cultures as materials editable
  5. Teaching style and tone – dynamic, modern non-corporate feel

Training Pack Includes:

  1. Trainer lesson plan with aims and target language .doc
  2. Trainer notes and script .doc
  3. PowerPoint slides –(Google Slides friendly).pttx
  4. Slides presentation

General overview:

  1. Why lessons work and the benefits for you!

Payment Options:

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