Cursos Sprint EOI ingles speaking exam

What is Sprint EOI Inglés

Sprint: EOI inglés is a two-week programme of six 120 minute classes. Perfect for people taking the official EOI B1, B2, C1 speaking exam in September.

Sprint: EOI inglés is designed to help you develop an exam technique which demonstrates the assessment criteria.

Sprint EOI inglés is delivered by a native English speaker who has years of experience of this exam. Our testimonials do the talking.

The Benefits:

  • Free digital course materials for your personal use
  • Advice and guidance from a native teacher who has years of experience of this exam
  • Focus on improving exam techniques to pass
  • Practise with, and support from others taking the same exam

The Must-Knows:

  • Number of participants: Between two and four
  • Attendance & duration: Three classes a week for two consecutive weeks. Total hours: twelve
  • Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Times: Morning or afternoon programme
  • Location: Two pathways: Online or physical face-to-face Málaga city centre
  • Cost: 153,00
  • Start: July

Additional Information:

  • Complete form below to register your interest
  • Full payment required after the first class
  • No cancellations or class recuperations
  • Must be available for consecutive weeks

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