To cosmopolitan and beyond!

Is the cosmopolitan Janette’s summer cocktail of 2018?

Well, the ‘Cosmo’ was very popular for the girls in the hit TV series, Sex and the City, and it has also been recommended by my football mate in England.  However, I’m not sure I fancy this drink.  What do you reckon, is this going to be the summer cocktail of Málaga?

There are lots of different types of films

Going to the cinema, or watching films and DVDs at home is definitely one of the most popular pastimes of the last 50 years.

Watching movies is an easy way to learn new things, to switch off, to be entertained, and if we are lucky, to be inspired.

Are you keen on going to the cinema? What are your favourite film genres?

  1. Comedies
  2. Animation Films
  3. Science Fiction Films
  4. Thrillers
  5. Horror Films
  6. Action Films
  7. Westerns
  8. Documentaries
  9. Crime and Gangster Films
  10. Adventure Films
  11. Dramas

To splash out

To splash out.

The expression: ‘to splash out’ means to spent a  lot of money on something you don’t need.

For example: This year I’m going to splash out on a pool table.  I have wanted one since I was 20 and this year I’m going to splash out and buy a second-hand one because I’m worth it!

Have you splashed out recently?  Maybe you have had your feet eaten by fish, or you have booked a spa holiday, or maybe you have bought a new gadget.


Well, I’m shocked!!  Team USA won the Inglés Málaga Poll.  Come on, that’s ridiculous!

I hope Team G.B. and Team Spain win every other GOLD MEDAL.  Enjoy the Opening Ceremony.  The Olympic Games 2012 is about to start and I’m going to spend 2 weeks watching sport and eating junk food.  If I can find a bit of energy I might throw a javelin at my brother.   Have fun!!

What’s my Job?

What do these people do for a living?  What are their jobs?

  1. My name is Maxine, I support and help ex-criminals to get jobs. I talk to employers, arrange interviews and help ex-criminals to write CVs and prepare for interviews.
  2. My name is Vera, I’m on my summer holidays and I’m working abroad. I live with a family and I look after 3 children. I help with the cooking and do some light cleaning around the house.
  3. My name is Bob and I’m self employed. I work for a variety of TV Production Companies and I have to make the actors and actresses look like the roles they are playing. I do not work with clothes or costumes.

Vocabulary Challenge: Trips and Holidays

Improve your vocabulary by connecting nouns to verbs about a specific topic or situation.

Topic: Trips and Holidays

Challenge questions:

1) What type of holiday is it?
2) What nouns and verbs can you think of to describe each picture?
3) Do you know any idioms or expressions that you could say in this situation?

For example: We are in England; of course it is raining cats and dogs!

Post your answers in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.