Doctor, doctor what’s wrong with me?

ONE: I think I’ve got brain pox or possibly I’m in a coma!

Well, according to Boots, the largest pharmacy in Britain, I‘ve got hypochondria! Click here for video diagnosis

TWO: I can’t see; these energy saving light bulbs are rubbish.  Well, according to Boots, I need glasses.  Click here for video diagnosis

THREE: I can’t cook and my diet is ‘pants’.  Well, according to Boots I need some vitamins. Click here for video diagnosis

 FOUR: OMG, I look like a chicken.  Well, according to Boots I need some anti-ageing cream.  Some what?!!!!!!!! Click here for video diagnosis

Now, it’s your turn. What’s wrong with you? All comments, illnesses and injuries accepted…..

Being a Child is NO FUN!!

My mother's favourite verb was CUT. Have you seen what she did to our hair?

I remember when I was a child my mother was always telling me to do something with my body.   Here are some examples of her ORDERS:

  1.  Janette, the streets are dangerous: Hold my hand
  2. Janette, you have a dentist appointment:  Brush your teeth
  3. Janette, your nose is runny: Blow your nose
  4. Janette, say hello to Aunt Molly: Shake her hand
  5. Janette, we are going to church and your hair is a mess: Comb your hair
  6. Janette, Aunt Molly is going home: Wave goodbye to her with your hand, not your tongue
  7. Janette, I know you are tired but please close your mouth: Stop yawning

Holding, Brushing, Blowing, Shaking, Combing, Waving, Yawning.  How many verbs are there connected to the body?! Yes, a lot…….

However, as a child I preferred the following: Biting, Screaming, Kicking, Thumping and Scratching. Of course,  I had 1 brother and 1 sister to fight with!  Please don’t feel sorry for my siblings, my sister tried to kill me by putting a pillow over my face and sitting on me, and my brother locked me in a wardrobe as he thought I would get to Narnia.  Yes, feel sympathy for me.  I still need to see a therapist once a week.

Fancy hearing  how our body parts are pronounced?  So, the speaker (the narrator) is a complete ‘nutjob’ and it’s an animated cartoon, but I loved it. Click here

What is a cough, a sneeze and a runny nose?

Where is my wife?

In yesterday’s post I pretended to be a doctor, however as a result of being ‘told off’ by my sister for prescribing such a ridiculous treatment, I’ve decided to follow her advice and ‘hang up’ my doctor’s uniform.  So, what are the common symptoms of a cold:

  1. Head – a pain:  headache
  2. Nose – too much water: runny nose
  3. Forehead – hot and wet: fever or a temperature
  4. Throat- pain: a sore throat
  5. Mouth- exploding air out of you mouth:  a cough
  6. Nose – exploding air out of your nostrils: a sneeze
  7. Nose – can’t breathe: Congested nose or blocked up

If you want to learn more vocabulary connected to health and colds then please watch this 4 minute video.