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What do you want? What do you need?

At Inglés Málaga we believe in continuous improvement and life-long learning.  We know that we don´t know everything, and we consider our clients to be the most knowledgeable and effective source of information and intelligence.

So, with this in mind, how can we, at Inglés Málaga, help you to improve your English language skills in order to achieve your personal and professional goals? What do you want, what do you need?   Fill in the blanks, and let us know.


CSI-Trainee Detectives: Use English to find the criminals

CSI malagaOMG, there’s been a murder, but who did it?

What was the murderer’s motive? Where is the evidence? Which witness is lying and who is telling the truth? How can you catch the criminal and make the evidence stick? Do you have the deductive powers and linguistic abilities to work out the clues and solve the mystery of who done it?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, and you want to improve your English skills at the same time, then why not take part in the Inglés Málaga Crime Scene Investigation event?

If you want to apply to be a CSI-Málaga detective, then please contact us for further information.

Inglés: Cursos Intensivos Diciembre 2017

It´s a no-brainer; improve your English language skills to achieve your career objectives, meet new people, and help you to travel around the world. Get in touch for more information about intensive learning programmes.

The must follow official exam websites

The following websites will help you to prepare for official Cambridge and EOI exams.

  1. Cambridge English Assessment A2, B1, C1, C2: Review only the language disciplines you are interested in
  2. Cambridge Exams B1, B2, C1, C2: Subscribe for weekly updates and quick language testing exercises with Flo-Joe.
  3. Cambridge CAE: C1: CAE Online Resource Directory:CAE Online Resource Directory
  4. Cambridge Internet TV
  5. EOI Writing
  6. EOI Speaking

The must link-in websites

English Link InThere is a lot of information on the Internet that you can use to improve your English and get yourself linked-in.

Why not check out the sites that Janette and Inglés Málaga recommend? The Inglés Málaga Link In section gives you direct links to external sites which will help you improve your English level.  To help you on your way, here are a selection of online resources you might find useful:

  1. Downloads: Provides general information for grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  2. Topic of the Month: Provides ideas for writing and speaking on specific topics.
  3. Link In: Provides links to external support.
  4. Written Work: EOI suggested Levels: A2, B1, B2
  5. Written Work: The British Council
  6. Cambridge Write and Improve

Happy surfing!


Weather idioms


Check out more idioms on the Inglés Málaga Pinterest site

Improve your speaking skills with intercambios:

intercambio-malagaAn intercambio is a system for practising your speaking and listening skills. If you have time, it’s a brilliant system to practise English; learn new things about different countries and cultures, and, obviously to get to know more people. Listed below are some organisations that might be useful.

  1. Pachange Málaga
  2. Language Exchnage Málaga
  3. Conversation Exchange Málaga 
  4. Language Meetup
  5. Language for Exchange Málaga

In fact, when I first came to Spain I did loads of intercambios and I advertised through: Mundioanuncio. I met some wonderful people and learnt a lot about Spain and Andalucia. However, if you decide to arrange your own intercambio, please be careful and use common sense as there are some complete nutjobs out there: stay safe; meet in public and during the day; tell friends where you are going and who you are meeting.

The 3 Wise Men say: ”English skills open doors in 2017!”

aprende-ingles-malagaStart English classes in January 2017 with Inglés Málaga and put your best foot forward. Inglés Málaga isn’t an academy which means all classes are custom designed for you. Stand out from the crowd in 2017

You can study by yourself or save money and bring  friends or work mates. For more information check out our courses.


Inglés Málaga Pinterest!

ingles-malaga-pinterestSeriously Janette, I can’t be bothered reading today!

No problem, check out the Inglés Málaga Pinterest site.  Look at a few pictures, eat some mushrooms and soak up new words, phrases and grammatical structures without getting a sweat on! It’s so easy, it’s so good!


English for Employment

ingles por empleoEnglish for Employment: English is a Must-do for Graduates and Jobseekers.

Companies and local employers recruit graduates and jobseekers with a high level of English so get your foot in the door and stand out from the crowd this summer by improving your English communication skills.  Whether you are:

  1. Preparing for an official English exam,
  2. Perfecting your job interview technique, or
  3. Improving your professional English skills for business contexts, we can help you.

Málaga City boasts about its cuisine, the climate, the lively nightlife and its cultural heritage, but at Inglés Málaga we also want Málaga City to gain an international reputation for having the most employable jobseekers that are professional, creative and ambitious.