Best Christmas Carol – Little Donkey

Best Christmas Carol – Little Donkey
When I was a child, I used to clap coconut shells together to make the sound of a donkey walking to Bethlehem. At the same time I would sing the lyrics to my favourite Christmas Carol, ´Little Donkey´. Much to my annoyance my brother used to jump on my back and pretend to be the Mother Mary. My brother has some psychological problems!!

You will never hear me sing this carol, so if you want to know what it sounds like, click here: Little Donkey Performed by, well, I´m not sure.  It´s a little ´nuts´!!

Most Depressing Christmas Moment

Come on donkey, carry Mary!

Most Depressing Christmas Moment – The Nativity Play

When I was 7 I was told I was going to play the part of the Christmas Tree in my school’s nativity play.  My sister got the part of a beautiful angel and my brother the baby Jesus.  I couldn’t believe it, a tree, a TREE, that’s not a proper part. I mean seriously, that’s not even an extra.

My mother tried to make me happy by telling me that the Christmas tree was the most important part in the play. I knew she was telling me a white lie as everyone knows that the donkey has the most important role.

Have you been in a nativity play?  What part did you play?

Swing Ball is the best present

My siblings and I wanted swing ball for years.  All our friends had one but my mother was very reluctant to buy one for us as she knew that we would try and ‘take each other out’ (an expression which means to kill or destroy someone or something) and then she would need to explain to the nurses and doctors at Accident and Emergency (the hospital) that our injuries were self inflicted.

Our mother never relented, however our passion never subsided and one Christmas when I should have known better I bought a swing ball for me and my brother and elder sister.  We spent the following spring and summer, taking each other out and I now we all have swing ball scars.

Swing ball, if you’ve not got one, I recommend you rush out to the shops.

Hats can be terrible presents

Shetland Pony

When I was 10 my grandmother gave me a huge furry hat for Christmas.

I used to get very bad earache and she thought that this style of hat would be perfect to protect my sensitive ears.

Shaggy Sheep

Obviously she was right, but on the other hand I wanted something I could play with, not something that made me look like a cross between a Shetland pony and a shaggy sheep.

Dolls are great presents

Barbie, I'm not taking you to a ball.

I wanted Action Man Ken, but my godmother was very traditional and she bought me a Tracey. She couldn’t afford a Barbie!

Really Ken, you have no manners!

As a child I thought Tracey was super boring, she wanted to dress up, wear makeup and drink afternoon tea with her other girly friends. I wanted to build castles and then demolish them with my giant Ken feet.

So, who is best? Is it Ken or is it Barbie? Or, maybe you have a different idea. Please comment here.

Board games are great presents.

My family and I love playing board games.  Our favourite is Cluedo.  It’s the perfect game: there’s mystery, there’s murder, 6 possible murderers, 9 weapons including, a rope, some lead piping and a candlestick and 9 different rooms.   I always blamed the saucy Miss Scarlet, and my brother always thought the murder was committed in the kitchen.

What’s your favourite board game? Monopoly? Scrabble? Chess? Connect 4?