ESL English for Business Meetings – Brainstorm to Evaluation

Detailed lesson plans perfect for trainers who teach English for business contexts to adults and professionals

ESL lesson plans business english
You focus on the delivery, we´ve done the donkey work

The benefits:

  • Engage and motivate your learners with real-world content
  • Save time – the donkey work has been done
  • Lesson plans include class content in a slides presentation, trainer notes, learner handouts and connected audio/video materials
  • Learning aims and target language clearly linked to activities
  • Activities focused on improving learner´s speaking skills so they can communicate effectively in business situations with a high level of fluency and confidence
  • Suitable for online and physical learning environments
  • No one size fits all – you can edit the materials to suit the needs of your learners
  • Activities easy to adapt to run as bite-sized micro-learning sessions
  • Lesson plans developed to add value to the language improvement experience by improving creative and lateral thinking as well as encouraging collaborative teamwork

ESL Business Meetings: From Brainstorm to Evaluation



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