Irish abortion referendum: The people travelling #HomeToVote

Irish voters from around the world are returning to cast their ballots in today´s referendum on whether or not to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment. That clause in the Irish constitution which in effect outlaws abortion by giving equal rights to the unborn.

Abortion is only currently allowed in Ireland when the woman’s life is at risk, and not in cases of rape, incest or foetal-fatal abnormality (FFA).

I am pro-choice. I am unapologetic about my opinion. I understand it´s an emotional topic.  I get why people are vehemently on one side or the other.  I get why many people don´t want to express their opinions on this issue for fear of being physically or verbally bullied, threatened and abused. I get it´s uncomfortable. I am pro-choice.

If you want to read more about the referendum, then check out this BBC news report. 

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