Left-wing Podemos leader under fire for his 540k home

Sur in English reports:

Pablo Iglesias, the high-profile national politician who is leader of the Podemos party that grew out of an anti-capitalist street movement, was under fire on social media and in the press this week for acquiring a luxury 540,000-euro home.

The purchase, made with his partner and fellow Podemos politician, Irene Montero, has come as a surprise to many, including those within his own party, due to Iglesias’s outspoken criticism of the supposedly comfortable life of MPs.

Back in 2012, Iglesias commented on the decision of a minister to spend a similar amount on a home by Tweeting: “Would you entrust the country’s economic policy to someone who spent 600,000 euros on a luxury penthouse?”

The new home of the radical Podemos couple is in the hills behind Madrid and is on a 2,000 -metre plot, including swimming pool and guest house. Iglesias has justified the decision saying he has earned the money and it is for living in and not speculating on. The couple are expecting twins and face a 1,600-euro-a-month joint mortgage.

Iglesias currently lives in a 60-metre-square flat.

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  1. Hi, Janette, I think the life left our without argument when you are a politician which your words don’t have value yet. Would not you agree with me?

  2. Well, I wanted to say that P. Iglesias has become himself a new bourgois and so his speech don’t have credibility, I think he is no a reliable politician..What a luxury cottage! I would like to buy one…

  3. Hi Juana, Yes, it´s frightening how easy it was for him to take the moral high ground, and then just as easy for him to be so hypocritical. It really goes without saying that he is, unfortunately, as predictable as every other politician. However, from my point of view his sins are worse, and he has just shot himself, and his political party, in the foot. It amazes me how politically naive he is, and how little he understands about the complexities and selfishness of human nature. Shame on him!

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